My slave does not draw his gun

Good morning, I’m on an official pve-c server and I have a slave carrier who does not draw his weapon to fight and does it with his fists, please give him a solution, thank you


I know this is for console, but I have experienced similar problems on PC. A few things to consider.

Have you armed the follower with the same type of weapon that they had when you placed them in the world? Sometimes, if you arm them with a different genre of weapon, they do not seem to adapt to it very well. Bearers usually come with a one-handed axe, but that isn’t always the case if I remember correctly. Also, be wary of giving a bearer a shield. Some of them seem to like it, others seem to mess up arming themselves if they have a shield.

Sometimes, even though it might be the same class of weapon, that particular weapon bugs the follower out. I just recently had this problem with an T4 Entertainer. She fought really well with the daggers she came out of the box with and also fought well with Misha’s Bite (Legendary Daggers). However, when armed with Set’s Tongue (also Legendary Daggers), she would just use her fists. She was re-armed with Misha’s Bite and there were no problems after that.

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I had something like this last time on official pvec with my thrall.
He fights with his fists, but the damage was the same as with the sword.
It could be that it was only invisible but it don’t look like this. He fights with his fists and not making moves with an invisible sword.
The next fight he take his sword again.

And yesterday I was buying rocknose eggs. I don’t know the name of this place in English. But there are many npc and I saw t1-t3 fighters that only fighting with fists. I don’t know if its a bug or a feature but I like it. For me it could be a feature like to see this that not everyone has a weapon.
But I know that’s not the topic here.

Maybe you have the same. And the sword is only don’t shown.

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Yeah, every now and then we come across a NPC that fights with their fists, not often but not unheard of. In fact, the boss in King’s Niche did that. We do the only thing to do in those cases, drop the stick and gloves and go at it, since there is no penalty box.

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This is a known issue across all platforms with Thralls rescued using the Jailor’s Key. They have resolved the issue in testlive 2.7, so the update will probably be live in a few weeks.

Most instances of this were fixed several patches ago, but if you are aware of any Thralls that still exhibit that behaviour you should make a seperate bug report.

This has also been resolved in testlive. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck


Wasn’t that whole “weapon class” thing confirmed as a red herring / confirmation bias? Or is it something new I’m unaware of?

Well it was , but Siptah’s “new land” udpate broke a lot of thralls that would only swing once with other weapon types than the one they spawned with ( it’s been partially fixed , meaning some thralls are still left with not performing full combos with certain weapon types ) . And this only reinforced the confirmation bias that this is an actual thing for all thralls

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Sorry, I don’t remember that being classified as fake news, red herring and whatever. I know that I find it seems to be legitimate in game play more often than not. I certainly wouldn’t arm a bearer with a spear.

I can tell you that if I find Keyim of Asura, I will arm him with something completely different and feed him those little blue herring…yes, I know he is a carpenter, lol.

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I can’t say for sure whether it’s wrong. It’s just what I remember. As for Keyim, I’m sure he gets what he deserves for staying in that cave with those other degenerate Chosen!

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It’s hot and smelly in there.

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