Nerfed Bearers useless now

Is it just me, or did they really Nerf the Bearers?
I understand there had to be a change, but…
They are suppose to be tanks, I mean come on they are strong men/woman. Take away their ability to kill so easily.

I havent found a named Thrall on Siptah yet, but my T3 Accursed bearer only starts off with 1994 health, strength of 7, and vitality of 3?
Only 15 slots for inventory.

Is that normal?

pretty much, sherpa is there to carry your burdens not slay dragons for you


Level him up my level 3 bearer have now 11 k live he was starting whit 2k or so


Yeah they still carry stuff and can take a beating which is their job. They hit like wet noodles but hey, that’s not their thing.


I’d never take my Sherpa into battle, but while I’m collecting resources they used to be able to fend off the pesky small fry while I continued to farm.
Now I have to stop. Help them out.

I could be mistaken, but the inventory stacks should be something like:
T1: 10 (2 rows)
T2: 15 (3 rows)
T3: 20 (4 rows)
T4/Named: 25 (5 rows)

melee damage mod: 0.58(or so)
ranged damage mod: 0.4 (ish)

I may be off on the damage multiple numbers, but the sherpa do much lower damage than their gear is nominally capable of in the hands of a combat thrall.

On the other hand, they can carry an unlimited amount of weight, limited only by the inventory stacking. They also have really good health gain per level. I’ve had named bearers with over 12k health One topped 20k with really lucky perks and frequent vitality levels. (I miss Peggy!)

that’s why I usually have caravan rhino on tail, 30 inventory slots and decent overall when leveled

Get the ferixic spear…stacks poison, and they poke and stagger so you can do the main damage.

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