Bearer Thrall Damage Nerf is too much

Eek! What happened? I used to be able to take my named Bearer thrall with me if I needed the inventory space to carry stuff. They would do that and be a passable companion, though nowhere near as good as a fighter. Now I take the same one out and she can’t fight off an Exile thrall in less than 1 or 2 minutes. Why would I use one of these thralls?

See, I thought the Bearer thralls were there to allow you to respec attributes out of Encumbrance, but with this new damage nerf that is not an option. 0.7 Damage multiplier I think it is now while a standard fighter is 3.0 to 3.7. Or so I have read.

Which, by the way should be included in the thrall’s stat sheet along with hitpoints and attributes. I think players want to see the damage multiplier of a fighter thrall most of all.

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Named/T4 Bearers are bugged since the mounts update.

Actually take a bearer 3, 20k+ hp.

Bearers are the new “clubbers”!

They help me take down thralls so i dont need to swap truncheons/weapons and they got enough health to survive it.

While they do that im looting an killin

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