Siptah Thralls Won't Use Weapons

Many of the recent updates for PS4/PS5 are not available for solo play. Siptah is unplayable. Thralls won’t use weapons. Also, the other updates where items will dismantle instead of be destroyed/thralls emoting are not available yet for solo play.

When will solo play get fixed???


Well you have “My island” in your nickname Seneca “Rhodes” so I will log in on single player to confirm your issue.

So I tested.
I trust the most great swords on my thralls and in special occasions I will give them ajas bane. They wield great swords normally without issues.

About the e mote I made a mistake at the beginning asking at the time it was following. So when I place my thrall in guard it started e moting correctly

One thing I can confirm about Siptah that it hasn’t been fixed yet is the Spawns. Though in exile lands the mob spawns are as they should be in Siptah spawns are missing, not only in world bosses but in simple mobs too, so i do not know if rng is used even in spawns so this is intended, since rng is the way in Siptah, or it is a bugged situation.
If you have issues with specific weapons, please be specific as well, cheers m8 :+1:t6:.

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I’ve had similar issues.
Especially newly rescued thralls out of cages love fighting unarmed, even if I don’t touch their inventory. After a few minutes they are often better. In a few cases I had to close the game and restart it to get them to use tools.
As for return to inventory, I find that if I have “No Building Cost” activated, it suppresses my ability to pick up construction pieces. When I am not in admin mode and do not have that toggle selected, I am able to return to inventory without difficulty, including the prices above the returned piece.

I haven’t had trouble setting emotes for my prisoners with jobs, but it sometimes takes them a minute or two to actually begin emoting.

I’m not certain what is going screwy on the back end, but it certainly is odd.

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Yes this is the fix is on rescued thrall’s you have to exit game and log back in for it to work I’m on Xbox and doing it now

On building returns no matter what I do I can’t get it to work I think some people it might work other no


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