New Thralls IOSiptah?

Hello Siptarians

I was chatting with a friend on Siptah today and he mentioned that the latest patch for PS4 introduced “thrall killers”…basically he was referring to new named thralls that can spawn into camps…150 extra thralls were added. One of the new ones includes the Arena Champion…!

He said he encountered one in a camp on the South Island. Has anyone noticed this? Has anyone seen the Atena Champion and care to share their experience? What over-powered NPCs have you encountered?

I would like to hear your stories…

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Sounds really interesting. I’m playing on a private Siptah server and have not seen any spaws like that .please. Keep us updated.

I have run into a NPC boss that has killed me every time and eventually my thrall at raiders gap have can’t remember name have not been back since I have better armor. Is your friend on a private server or Official @Mbeat ?

Both of us are at official servers. PVEc. He said he encountered new thralls on the southern islands on Siptah. I haven’t had a chance to explore myself yet! But I hope to get first hand experience to share soon…

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Yesterday I ran through the camps of both southern islands. I did not find any new nps bosses. :sunglasses:


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