Thralls way to Op

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Bug Description:Ok so me and my clan are in the mid 40‘S,and no matter what we do or Equip We get killed by everything. Even gremlins take forever to kill. Now this is a private owned PVP server,playing on PS4, now as far as we know only thing we did was boost xp per kill,other then that its all original settings so why is it way harder then the exile lands, am i the only going through this with my clan and server?

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Do you mean npc’s? Because that’s what you’re describing. Thralls are slaves that players own, npc’s are the world enemies.


Gotta get the right attributes and also the watch out for when they gang
Up on you


Are you on Siptah?
Sounds like Siptah with Gremlins.

Siptah is mostly, as I have noticed, very end game content. Some areas around the coast are ok for low levels. A few pockets in the interior are good for mid-level, but they shift with little rhyme or reason. I was walking up a river, killing Crocs and Birds, with the occasional wild dog, and then Alpaca outa nowhere, a giant island lynx one shots me. Music never changed, it might have been behind a redwood and I didn’t see it, but one moment I was jogging down the river, the next, I was back on shore.

Not sure if the western side of the island is better.
The Vaults and such are definitely level 60 affairs and the gribblies outside them may just insta-gib you with their warning shots.

It is definitely not like the exiled lands with fairly defined zones with defined challenges. It does require significant vigilance to travel safely, and the hostile wildlife seems disinclined to attack other animals in most cases, leaving what looks safe: Oh, a family of deer are grazing, no predators here…
To be actually a trap: Suddenly a pair of lynxs that eat only exiles!
The deer graze peacefully over your dismembered carcass as the Lynx wanders off.

It is definitely a different set of biomes and menageries.

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The one Skull Lynx ate my butt multiple times over the weekend and I seem to get pinned to the railings in camps easily. I guess drawing them out and take on one at a time. They do seem tougher than Exiles.

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Solo play on the Isle definitely requires a touch of strategy. A solid clan would probably change the situation, but finding a good bodyguard is a bit more of a task than it was in the exiled lands.
Also, I recently discovered there are killer Beefalo and many more varieties of Rocknoses. None of which are docile. Also, more critters seem to just hide in tall grass. At least it keeps me engaged.

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