There are "friends", and "friends who get you a Coup de Grace 🤩"

I forgot to mention this very particular truncheon: Coup de Grace. It is anything you can dream of your Thrall(s) companion(s) can wield!
In case you do not know it yet, when used on any mob, it will kill them with the last strike, a Coup de Grace, if they are not T4 named. When they are T4 named the Coup de Grace will send them to sleep so you can recruit them.
So, thank you @stelagel for fighting your way through The Judge and grant me such a weapon!

Good hunting Exiles!


Congratulations! I got one on siptah AND exiled lands. Managed to transfer it when we could! Love it! :sunglasses:


By Crom :scream:! I cannot imagine that truncheon in the Exile Lands, it must be awesome!

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Yeah, but it’s not as strong as the lovetap. Also, don’t use it on RHTS. It kills them since they’re not named.

On a related note, don’t use the coup de grace on Corsairs on siptah. You probably noticed they’re mostly not marked gold (idk why they still haven’t fixed that). I’ve accidentally killed named crafters, and you know how rare crafter spawns are on siptah. I recommend going through with the lovetap or other truncheons.


I remember hearing about that never had one. @stelagel has probably had his hands on every item in the game he is thorough.


I use the Surge for Crafter and other Thralls on Siptah, i have enuff for six buildings. :joy:

I can’t believe that a lot of people have problems on Siptah for me is that like a walk in parc.

Yeah, I’ve found the surge to be more affective as well, but I don’t like to solo them without my clanmate. She’s not always in the mood to do them, so I don’t do them much. Basically, having her there is better security so we can dispatch as many thralls as possible before some jerk shows up to steal the surge, since on PvE, you can’t do anything about it. It would be nice if you could close it off to only clan members or allowed people for extra eldarium or something.


I fully understand that. :blush:

I play solo (without a clan) in PvE Official 8007 (PS5), set up attributes as a berserker so that I can survive a surge alone.

However, for the Surge, I meet with other clans on the server, we do it together, I have several buildings near my Surgetower, we club and kill together, everyone is on an area, that’s how it works, but it took a long time to get sensible clans find to play with this way.

This is how we became good friends.


Yeah, it’s nice when you meet people to help out. I once had someone actually message, apologize for swooping in, and offer compensation. I told them not to worry, but just don’t interfere with surges unless they’re invited to help. It was nice to actually have someone realize that it was messed up.


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