Ghoulish Club type on EL?

Is there a weapon comparable to the Ghoulish Club on EL? My thrall on Siptah used on and I loved it and miss it already. I don’t think it’s on EL that I can find, so I was wondering if there is something on EL I could use in its place. The poison is what really killed. I was looking at the Venom-Infused War-Axe or Venom-Infused 2H sword but was curious if there was anything else, preferably not RNG based

Probably the venom infused 2h will be your best bet. In my experience maces and 2h swords are the only weapons worth putting on thralls. Sometimes a well placed hammer thrall but most other weapons don’t work well.

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That’s what I was afraid of. Me and RNG don’t play well together. Oh well, guess I should prepair for some farming. Thanks :grin:

Server transfers, my friend. Get those exclusive items moved.

True, I could. I play on a private server for EL and the Siptah server is official so I’d have to start over to get it. That’d work for a “screw RNG!” scenario tho lol.

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