Thralls and weapons generated from fragment scrolls

I was lucky enough to get the venom infused sword on last fragment run, but when I gave to my thrall he would not fight with it. He draws the sword and then just moves around the enemy but never attacks? When I changed the wep on the thrall to a normal legendary wep, he fought (and killed) the enemy!
Can someone tell me if it was the fragment weapon, that was the problem or the thrall…or a bug?

Cheers to all


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Was it maybe the difference between one-handed and two-handed weapons, ie. was the Venom-sword one-handed and the “normal” legendary two-handed? If that’s the case, the thrall may be “proficient” in two-handed weapons.

There are a few threads discussing this bug/feature/weird alien conspiracy regarding thralls and their preferred weapons, but the experience of many people, myself included, is that thralls who originally used two-handed weapons before capture fight better with two-handed weapons and suck at using one-handed weapons (or refuse to fight with them at all), and thralls who came with one-handed weapons have similar trouble with two-handed weapons.

You can find reports of my highly scientific experiments regarding thrall weapon use here: Thralls no longer doing full melee combos


i have a list of most of the the named thralls default weapon, it may help when arming them…

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Thank you good information I will download

Yep changed thrall and they use sword perfectly!

Thanks for your help all…


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