Wtf is going on with 2 handed swords

Trying to outfit my thralls, want to use a 2 handed sword illusioned to look like telith’s, but i am finding almost every good exiled lands 2 handed sword has “Thralls do not inflict any damage with this weapon.” What the hell is this? Bad enough we can’t repair them and they would only be good for thrall use now, why the hell were they made to be purely decorative when they are end game items, some of which have insanely difficult rng to get

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And before anyone says just craft one, this bs includes the best high damage craftable ones as well, also why the hell are the siptah ones that are just as strong not nerfed? Why screw exiled lands players but not siptah. They already have much cooler looking weapons as well as a greater variety of extreme damage ones. So why are we the ones getting screwed?

Try to get the Annihilator from the 2nd Wight Boss in the Warmaker’s Dungeon, that’s the best 2H Sword at the moment.
If Siptah, you can find Mastodont’s Killer by killing the Yellow Wights near the Tower, very low drop chance though iirc.

An alternative is Baal-Pteor’s Razor, but you need your Thrall to have Agility stats and buffs instead of Strength for this one :+1:

Actually got the watchman. 1 dmg less. Trying to farm annihilator. But still pissed that sword of crom and all the other hard hitting swords have been ruined.