Zephyrous Armor Gear

I’m looking to complete the Zephyrous outfit. I have everything except the Helmet. I acquired all of it from FOTD and I’ve expected to get the helmet there too, but I’ve been working at it now for 3 months and no deal. Any ideas if the helmet ever drops or if there’s another place I can try?

Wow! That’s bad luck! :persevere:

By the way, it should drop there. I never farmed that set specifically, but I farmed others, and I’m reasonably sure it dropped a few times.
See also this post on Cynara’s blog: link

If you’re working at it for 3 months, I guess you are already farming bosses in FOTD epic instance. Usually people farm bosses in the zone of the haunted forest, but it could be possible the single bosses wouldn’t drop all lv 40-69 sets. I didn’t farm FOTD epic often and usually only the forest, but I had the impression (even last time I did progressing in saga of blood to obtain blue gear) that some bosses drop always only some pieces.
Anyway if you want to stay in FOTD, I just suggest you to check all bosses in epic instance and even the rare bosses in epic instances. A rare boss in a epic instance it will drop always (tested) 2 blue world-drop pieces, so you have double chance and some are very fast to span cause they have only 1 placeholder**
Cause zephyrous is a lv 40-69, I guess even tarantia noble or eglophyan maps should work for your purpose.

**some rare bosses (In FOTD, I remember just the one dropping the treasure keys) have up to 3 placeholders. more placeholders mean more work to span cause you need to check all placeholders locations cause if you’re killing a placeholder, but the boss is already up in another location, it will not span in your.

The haunted forest is the way to go. There is a big population there, and some are close enough together that you can take out several at one time. I have farmed many caster & ranger sets for new toons. I would park the lowbie close by and switch to it once the item dropped.

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sister of ursidae in fotd has dropped the helm for me.

Yeah, I’ve mainly been doing the forest, but I’ll try all the bosses. I’m not sure what you mean by “placeholder”?

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Will do, thanks

Placeholders are mobs that can spawn a rare boss when farmed. I don’t think that they drop the gear you are looking for.

Here is a link for rare bosses…