Uta's head farming

Is it still possible to farm this head? I’ve heard different answers. One says it was TSW only, another says it was a event on swl and yet another says Keep killing Uta’s.

Please can anyone just tell me if its still farmable? If so then is there anything that I should do or not do?

I’ve been farming Uta’s for the last 2 hours straight and the only thing that dropped was Uta’s contract.

It should still be a drop from that fight. I know i got some while i was trying to get the SD card.

What, it should definitely drop from that fight. Since you say you are farming I assume you already know about leaving and coming back if it doesn’t drop. Only thing I know you shouldn’t be doing is killing one too fast and bugging the fight, but I’m sure you know that or haven’t had the issue. Two hours doesn’t sound all that unreasonable, depending on how quick the fight goes for you.

Well the fight goes fast. They bugged out on me a couple of times because i killed them to fast. Ive noticed that you should wait untill the are done casting ‘honorable fight’ sometimes they die to fast and the shield doesnt go off the other uta’s.

And yes i know about leaving and coming back. What can I do with the SD card ? I can open it and it saved a message from lillith but no further instructions.

A couple you say? Wow can you tell me how you do the fight? And how long did it take you to get those hats?

How to get stuck on Uta or the guide what not to do in the fight with Uta [Bug] ^^

It gives you the 3 Uta lores, and thats it. Worth to mention that the stuff you can read on the SD card is not the same as the Lore, so if you wanna keep all the info on this subject, you wanna keep the card. Otherwise you can get rid of it.

Not sure if this was directed at me. I was doing this for a couple hours for a little week. I think i got two hats. I also farmed the 16 shade kills on the balcony during the same farm. I needed a lot. I ended up finishing my shade kill achivos without seeing a single SD card.

I need to be more patient then will try again tonight. Btw it didnt give me any lores.

It just pops into you lores, not on the ground, when used. Check Global - Person of Interest - Uta Bloody Valentine… If i remember right. You either have all the Lore in that one, or none.

Just a update on this. I got the head yesterday night after a couple of tries. Literally within a couple of minutes, I think that ive tried 2 or 3 times before it dropped.

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Gratz =). When i was farming Card + shade kills, i told myself that which ever came first, i would stop. Shades finished and I bought the Card. Couple days later, a friend needed stuff in the tower, so we did the whole thing… And I got the Card =P.

It took me four hours a day over three days. I had terrible RNG. I got three cards and one head. You’d think I’d be able to skin the rabbit much easier given how many corpses I left behind in my wake :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to hear you finally got head! It can be very frustrating when you don’t. People often pay a good amount for it if you want to get it again :smiley: