Quick question about an in-game item

Does anyone know where this particular talisman can be found? Aside from hoping one goes for sale on the trader of course.

It drops from Jorgrimm in Conals Valley as far as I know. Not sure if it always drops, might take a few tries, or you need a quest for it (killing Jorgrimm but I don’t think so since it’s not bound when picked up).


It respawns every 10 minutes and the drop rate is decent but might take a little bit. No quest needed or anything. Careful as you can only have one total per toon nowadays, since they fixed the unique item bug.

My demo has 2 equipped in vanity slots, making her very special as it’s not possible anymore. Don’t be jelly.

I found a few on the trader fortunately. Just had to search by name. That’s ok with the dual wield thing. I only need it for 1 hand. They are pretty cool looking.

Wow, they actually fixed the ‘Can only have one’ not working bug?

I wonder what happens now with the item shop boxes that drop ‘Can only have one’ items. Does it actually prevent them from dropping again, or do you occasionally get no item from the box since you already have it. I remember complaining to GM’s back in the day for getting the same ‘Can only have one’ items over and over again, wasting rolls, and they said it was working as intended and nothing would be done.

It must work different with Loot Boxes same as it works different with Bori Rares.
Accident or intentional? Who knows…

Yes they did, like a year ago or so.

No idea about shop boxes, not experienced with those lol

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