How to get stuck on Uta or the guide what not to do in the fight with Uta [Bug]

So recently I came across an issue with Uta. Some may have had it that they fought Uta and somehow ended with one Uta dead and the other two shielded permantly.
I think I found the issue. Uta generally has a healththreshold (for example sworduta has her first around 30k) where you are unable to damage her further and she starts casting her shield upon herself (and another Uta does “Honorable Combat” and drops the shield).
So fine so good.
Now the issue with that. There is a way to get past this health barrier which does a number on the code.
If you sent Uta down with a knockdown before she reached the healththreshold and damage her past the threshold than she won’t cast her shield and stay damageable while the game thinks she casted it proceeding with the next Uta. When you now kill one Uta out of order the order the order of Utas casting “Honorable combat” gets stuck. Leading to 2 shielded and a dead Uta…effectivily forcing you to get killed so you can restart the fight.

Here are some helpers to not fall victim to this bug until fixed:
1.Don’t knock her down. Sad but true the easiest way to not get it is to not knock her down. I haven’t tested for other CC but knockback definitly breaks the fight and if you don’t know what you are doing it could go sour fast.

2.If you still use knockback and reproduce the error than you have the option to follow the inteded order. Don’t kill the Uta that is now unshielded but go for the Uta that is intended to be unshielded and the game should be able to not go of the rails. (For a helper: The fight always starts with sworduta and than goes to either magic or gunuta…so as long as you see the first time the shielddrop switches you should be able to figure out the order)


It would be interesting to see how Chaos knockdown affect this. But of course you can’t control when chaos abilities will knock an Uta down… because, ya’ know… Chaos.

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I strongly suspect that every knockdown produces the same effect. I am however unsure about other forms of CC.
It would need some testing and the devs have way better tools for that than I.

I’ve had that issue, so I suspect that all Chaos crowd control has the same effect. If it happens I make sure to leave Sword Uta alone until it’s her turn again.

You don’t even have to knock them down. If I open up with Full Salvo with purple shells I push them past the threshhold and screw the fight.

In all my fights with her I never had that happen. The damage just stops at one point and the threshhold works pretty well for Uta except the third Uta to come out of the shield. I think that one can be bursted down relativly consistently.
Basically if you hit the thresthold it just stops applying damage for sworduta and the other utas pretty quickly change into the shield so really not much chance to squeeze in more damage.
Are you sure it’s purely by damage and nothing like CQC that puts you past the threshhold?

My solo build has no CC in it.

Interesting. I will probably look at that later and see if I can reproduce it.

A small amount of extra info:

  • Rifle Uta is the least affected by this bug, as her “standoff” behaviour teleports her away from the player and may restore her shield early, making it much more obvious when you should stop messing with her.
  • If you do get them out of synch, make sure to let the one whose shield is missing completes the cast for “Honourable Combat” when it comes back around to them. Killing them before that completes seems to be a major part of breaking the scripting. This may also be the issue that heavy burst dps builds have, as the first Uta starts the fight with this cast, but no shield.
  • If you get down to the last two without shields, it may not matter which you kill first, since they shouldn’t re-sheild at that point.
  • If you’re quick off the bat, you can start the battle with an Uta other than the blade one, but you have to engage them before they raise their shields. Also the second Uta may be selected by proximity, so with careful positioning you may be able to choose the order you fight them. Not sure how valuable this actually would be.
  • You’d think it would be easier to steal a mask from them, with three to choose from…
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