Looking for combat advice to over ride

The absolutely craptastic syncronization/mechanics of this so called combat game. Dear PvP’ers, I commend you for being about to tolerate this trash. When I try to do any combat in this game other than whirly dirly with a 2 handed sword I cant even stomach the PvE combat. Much less PvP. Judas priest who is responsible for this absolute catastrophe? So anyway…I’ve rolled a character and wanted to use a sword and shield set up for combat. It’s actually not bad IF it would function correctly. But everytime I think I’ve gotten the mechanics down my avatar does something completely stupid or different from what my testing indicated. So much so that I feel like I’m not making any progress. It would seem from testing that LA, LA, LA, HA leades to the shield smash that knocks them down. Works alot of the time. If I press a direction the shield smash turns into a whirling slash. Most of the time. She just kinda of does her own thing the rest of the time. But OMFG. I can have 2 enemies shoulder to shoulder, perform my shield smash and she will pass eight through them without making contact. I have no idea why this garbage happens except terrible coding.

Also, what is the deal with the shield? I’ll pull left trigger to raise it and omfg she just wont freaking do it. I can stand there out of combat and pump LT and she’ll raise it rapidly and consistently. For some reason she will just stand there and let an enemy walk up to her and smash her in the face. They’re not using shield break attacks or anything, she just doesnt freaking block.

This creates all sorts of unnecessary complications and aggravations when trying to enjoy combat and its not even including the fact that your avatar and enemies are constantly glitching around on the screen during combat.

Also often times when I’m trying to get her to raise her shield she’ll get hit and suddenly she’s facing 180 degrees with her back to the enemy.

So wth can I do to get around the poorly designed combat in order to use a sword/shield set up or is there just no way to make it work efficiently. I’m at like, boomerang a controller and stick it in the sheetrock pissed off trying to deal with the combat in this game.

You could get a job as a programmer and make your own games you will be happy with?

But then who will do my job? I never get to say “you cant do my job so its ok if I half way do it myself”. Theres no excuse for the basic mechanics of a combat game being broken well over a year after release. But that’s beside the point. I’m looking for tips and tricks others may have learned to get around these problems since it’s pretty clear they aren’t going to be officially fix.

Last time I was that pissed off at a game (Ninja Gaiden on the original XBox), I concluded that it was better to trade it in rather than keep buying new controllers to replace the ones I’d smashed. If only I’d done so before I beat my computer’s keyboard to death with the controller…

Haha those freaking NG games were hard!

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If you want good combat on consoles, you should play Horizon Zero Dawn. PS4 exclusive though.

Awesome story, awesome combat. Conan combat is a joke compared to that. :wink:

Honestly I LOVE Horizon Zero Dawn, but the combat aspect of the game is meh… at least the meleè is very very (very) basic and stupid.
Aloy’s enemies cannot put up a decent meleè fight with poor AI and repetitive closecombat, that’s why the game focuses on bow…

HZD is incredible under many aspect, but combat I would not add that to these aspects, CE has better “foundation” for meleè fights: different sets and weapons, but is technically not so good implemented. Has potential but is sloppy somehow.

(May I suggest to try the “old” dragon dogma game, maybe a lil’ obsolete as a game, but the action and the meleè combat is very fast paced, precise and funny… Even against gargantuos bosses you have to climb!)

Have to hold the trigger to keep your shield up, performing any attack will drop it and give enemies a chance to attack you, as far as you going through your enemies I’m not sure, whenever I’m fighting normal enemies I just target lock them by hitting down on the right stick and attack. All attacks I do usually land. Now their are some exceptions like the 1handed axe sometimes missing it’s kings attack and the shield bash sometimes not hitting even tho it either should have or looked to have. Another thing you may have been doing was combining light and heavy attacks together without realizing it. Sword and shield verse sword alone also has very different attack combos.

I recently played it and had more fun with the combat system in HZD than I had when I tested the new movement in Conan in December 2019…

Have not tried it (but might just test it out). I did watch the video though. the combat looks to be more “shooter” based. The comment before up the thread, from someone else, about the bows being the better mechanic in the game, gives me the impression it is closer to a shooter style game, and not about melee. TBH, there are not a lot of free form combat games that have figured out melee. Sure, there are some awesome God Of War 1 player style games, but when it comes to open world combat between players (PvP) melee, to my knowledge, has never really been done right.

To the OP: my suggestion is you try equipping a good axe and a good round shield, as a round shield is easiest to use/see past, directionally. There’s a round shield called Unwelcome Gift you’ll want to try later, for other reasons.

Equip your axe and shield, make sure you have no pressure on your movement stick. Do a heavy, two lights and one heavy with no forward motion included; I suspect you might be interrupting the combos.

Now try Heavy, light, heavy, heavy. Keep your forward or lateral motion to a minimum. Does the shield come into play?

Also for clarification, Shieldsmash is more correctly used in-game as an anti-shield trait. If you use a weapon that has shieldsmash vs a shield, you will not be stunned or driven back.

I am summoning @Arsenalcontrol for consultation on raising your shield, as I am unfamiliar with your XBOX controller.

Seems like you’re using the right controls. Have you tried using the shield with a one handed axe? Different weapons have different movesets, I’d try out all the one handed weapons with shield to see if any of them feel better to you.

There is also a setting you could change (if on single player or your own server) which would enable auto facing on attack.

For me, I find it much easier to not use target lock at all. Every time I use it, I always lock onto the wrong enemies, or the direction I’m facing changes. Not all of my hits land (especially the first one, most of the time), but I find combat feels a lot more natural without it.

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