Eina the Light needs a Kick in the

This thrall is giving me so much grief. I do not know how to reproduce the bug, but I think it has to do with the truncheon.

If I give her both this and another weapon, eventually after a fight, she stays in combat mode with shield and truncheon in hand. I cannot take these away from her. Then on the next fight, she does nothing at all. If I make her stand guard, she does, with the truncheon floating in front of her. When she follows me again, she is back in battle mode.
It stays like this until I reset the application.

If I give her just the truncheon, with or without a shield, pretty soon, during combat, she fails to draw it, and just stands there in battle mode, going after enemies but does nothing. She goes back to normal stance after the fight is over. Once in a blue moon the club appears in her hand, but is otherwise “invisible”

She has the “thoughtful” emote, but I doubt this has anything to do with this, but short of taking away the emote, which I shall try, I do not know what else to attempt.

What is going on? None of my other thralls do this. I am about to make butt soup out of her…

I must also note that she barely ever makes noise while fighting or walking around, like the other thralls do.


Though the AI of the thralls is greater I still do not use complex functions on them. Normally, no matter what they carry, the one you will equip them should be the one they should have to use. But I empty their inventory anyway, just to be sure that they ain’t gonna bug :wink:. Plus I stopped use shields on thralls for years now. The worst hp my thralls have is 6.000 and the worst armor 1.000, what shield can five more than trouble.
Closing, I remember when the AI issues existed switching weapon to truncheon I was using Ajas bane and love tap, so no problems at all :wink:.

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Aye her problem comes with the truncheon I think.
If I take away the truncheon or weapon before having her follow me, and then make sure she always has either one weapon or the truncheon at all times, she works fine.
I just cannot let combat start with the two items in her inventory or else she bugs out so bad.

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