Stuck cause of thrall collision

Game mode: [Online]
Problem:Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA]

I am stuck in a dam corner im in a dungeon I cant climb walls and my pet is blocking me from leaving friendly thrall collision needs to be turned off this is ridiculous as I cant go anywhere

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.get a pet
2.go to a corner where its following
3.get stuck in dungeon
4.try climb

and no im not gonna break the ties its a lvl 17 reaper queen guess ill just log out till it returns home and try again still this shouldn’t be an issue

@ @Arch_Angel795 is there a npc in the area you could shoot with arrows that she may agro to? That or pull your bracelet and run back if you’re close enough.

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Hey @Arch_Angel795, the team is currently working into improving the follower system with specific fixes and quality-of-life additions or changes, which are currently being tested in the testlive environment and will be introduced in the upcoming patches.

For the time being and as a possible workaround, kicking the followers may push them away from their currently standing position in most cases.

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I might be wrong, but the kicking only work a single time kicking again will not knock them back, and many times a single kick won’t push them back enough. (this happens on pve settings)

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A katana in your inventory would get you out of this situation. Use the heavy attack to slide through them.


Sometimes the first heavy attack of the axe might help to, you just have to look a little bit higher than your pet. But this katana trick sounds perfect, thanks for the tip, from now on i ll carry a katana.

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Thats incredibly smart, thank you


And always carry one with u when u have a follower with u… Its a Must piece of equipment…


I’m glad this topic came back up. I had been meaning to make a video about it for some time and it just slipped my mind. I’ve done it now and it will be up later today, Hopefully it will help people before it happens in the future.


ya just tried to kick my pet and it doesnt work did it out of curiosity i remember s extremely good sabertooth tiger i had it was following me through volcano all was well got to king killed him and all and on the way back almost at exit thrall stood in lava and died…i was like wtf

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