The World Boss Loot (unique epics) drop rate

I wanted to find if if there was another way to get the unique world boss drop items. These items are very unique and a good addition to many character classes but the randomness to get them makes them almost of legendary status although they are not really that good, just more good for certain situations, particularly when higher protection is needed.

I am just wondering why they are not purchasable in the potents vendor? If they were set at a suitable high amount i think it would be justifiable. I remember spending many months, sometimes entire year + waiting for that special t4 weapon to drop and now they are purchasable. They are still a lot of work to get the amount of needed relics but still it is good to not leave everything to chance.

Would there be in the future any plans to implement something like this?


That was requested many times already in the old forums, if I remember correctly, Funcom never responded to these suggestions.
So… it will probably stay that way. I totally agree that these items are too rare. My HoX finally got the sword after 4 years of WB farming (well, I didn’t farm it the whole week long but I did at least 3 or 4 kills at each WB for these 4 years which is still roughly 150 kills), other than that I got the prot ring on my DT which is now obsolete anyways.

Having these items for 6 or 7 WB relics would be appropriate, they are roughly equal to T3.5 or T3 items, T4 is still better and 6 or 7 relics is still half a year of farming for an item.


yes I agree. They good but now not really exceptional so really shouldn’t be so impossible to achievement,. I have done almost 200 boss kills but not seen one of the unique rares. While this is to be expected there could be some glimmer of hope…6-10 portent relics would mean 6-10 months so in light of time scales to the legendary rings and shards I think it sounds about reasonable.

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i have personally farmed wb events for a chance of these weapon drops…and while i do have a few of them its typical that i dont have the ones i want on the toons i want them on,in most cases i have better wepons but i still want stuff for the sense of achivement and for my collection to book end this chapter of the game, 4 years on still no sword/sheild/polearm on my main toon and while im happy for the many drops on my alts it not the same sense of completion ect… eventually im assuming that they may be available at the wb vendor the same way the pets are at a price of 4 boxes or more like the pets are currently, i still prefer the idea of the random drops but your right the rate is so low and very random (ended up with 2 x wb bear blunts … sigh) but i guess if they added these to the wb vendor they would also be under pressure to add 3.5 weapons to a vendor in turan also (would rather raid for them personally)… but 4 years on with all 4 capes on my mains theres literally no chance of picking them up in a drop now as i wont be farming wb like in years past on those toons and only do it to pass the time for a bit of fun.