World Boss Drop Rates?

Could someone please clarify something about the loot one gets from the world bosses?

I have heard a number of conflicting ‘theories’ regarding the nature of the loot one will receive from world bosses. One such theory is that you only get the chance of receiving epic gear from the first kill and, another that you can only receive epic gear once; I know that is inaccurate because I have a have a toon that has received 3 pieces of epic gear this week.

However, I have another toon that has successfully participated 6 times this week, gaining one piece of epic gear that it already had and all the other times vanity gear. So, I am wondering if the chances of getting some epic gear from the treasure trove reduces on each successive attempt?

Does anyone actually know and, if so can you help?

Many thanks. :slight_smile:

It’s random. As you know, the first kill of a new boss gives you epic loot box but what’s in it is random. There’s no guarantee of epic gear that you need. I once received 6 t1 hox swords out of 8 consecutive kills. I didn’t need them. You could farm it every day and only get a full set of epics on the last day.

It is totally random on all counts. Random for if you will get an epic box, random for what will drop.

Cynara put together some good tables on drops he got:

Thank you both for your replies.