Random epic drops & drop rate in general

Hi there, I ask myself the following:

Why is there no chance of random epic world drops during leveling? Even the drop chance is only 0.004%, farming and leveling would be more interesting. Because it COULD drop something valuable in the world. In WoW that works better, especially for the trader/economy. Rarer items in general, but more valuable. In my opinion, that would boost the economy in AoC.

At the beginning of 2008 there were random epic drops, but these were removed by Funcom. I think Funcom just had to scale down the drop rate. The same with the blue items. The droprate is too much. Less is sometimes more.

But also the weakest mob should be able to drop an epic sword. Even the drop chance is only 0.004% or so. Or what you think?

Just a thought and sry my bad english.

This goes back years. There used to be random epic drops. There was a big that was abused and many players got epic drops. Rather than fixing it, Funcom just turned off random epic drops. It’s a real shame. With the state of the game it wouldn’t hurt to enable epic drops even if the bug still did exist.

I agree with the OP its the thrill that something amazing MIGHT happen and gives you a blast if it does, while with stringent loot table like now it feels more like a shopping Tour. Get at location ‘x’ for dropping ‘y’.

Yea, I still remember, while I was leveling my 1st character, doing a villa, when an epic chest dropped from a normal mob. I had never seen one before and I was like “WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT!?”. My hands were almost trembling while I was opening it… :rofl:


The only way I can see these epic drops returning, is making it rare AND difficult.
I can only think of 1 mechanic in game that fits this: The Achievement Bosses.
First you have to make 1 spawn, then you have to be lucky to get an epic box.
Just make sure that 1 in 100 (or less :unamused: :roll_eyes:) drops are epic.
This would make it an Asian grind-fest if you want to hunt these boxes. :exploding_head:

But we can hope, can’t we? :innocent: :star_struck:

there are still random epic drops. within the last 3-4 months my wife got 4 epics from mobs in khitai and tarantia commons. i’ve never gotten one in years of playing. but she’s just amazingly lucky i guess.
she’s gotten: quencher of hearts, fingers of the frozen soul, coldmourne, and a 2he i can’t recall the name of.

True, but only at level 80. You can’t get the old epics that used to drop at lower levels.

I dont know, making it rare and hard to get these weapons wouldn’t make it worth farming for them at all because most blue crafted weapons from trader are cheaper and far better, like 3 times better in some cases.

That said, having low level epic weapons drop again wouls be nice.

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I’ve had 3 or 4 purple drops from loot bags. All have been from Khitai content, although I think one was from Sewergod in Commons, and all have been lvl 80 stuff. I found at least two while grinding apostate for rares years ago, pre-RF.

With WB and RF, they just have novelty and/or vanity value these days. Perhaps for gearing out a new toon.