Legendary Drops?

I’ve spawned in and killed 50 of each on the following list, I have not found a single legendary drop. Should they be dropping legendary weapons or equipment?


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Some do, others don’t. Those that do, should have a drop rate of around 15%. Do those not spawned via admin panel drop things correctly?

I have yet to find a legendary drop from the mini bosses while going through the dungeon. I will test more tonight as I have only been through the dungeon about ten times playing with vanilla settings. I will set auto respawn and kill some stuff tonight and report my findings.


So :frowning_face: unfortunately I wasn’t able to obtain any new legendary weapons.

I farmed
The Creepy Well
The Pointed Shrine
The Cyclops Shrine
The Building Spawn

Each one I killed 10 times and none dropped anything more the steel or hardened steel weapons and equipment. I didn’t have time to farm them any longer. But if drop rates are 15% I should have seen a drop out of the 40 kills or 1.5 drops per 10 kills.

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at 15% chance, it is quite possible to still not get a drop at 40 attempts. Every attempt is a new roll of the dice and you have 85% chance of not getting the drop.

What they could do, is make stacking odds. Every failed attempt makes the next attempt a greater chance, until you get a drop, which would reset you back to 15% again.

I received some clarification the mini bosses do not have legendary drops. The 15% chance is only for the legionaries that drop from the final boss.

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So what do this mini bosses drop then? Just steel?

Khari steel and fragments of power.


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