Getting Legendary Weapons is too grindy now on Siptah Post 2.1 update

Several bosses that used to stand a good chance in dropping legendry weapons now almost have a 0% chance.

The 4 Bosses on the Docks and the one Skeleton under the ruins at 10-k always stood a good chance of dropping something. Now i’ve killed the Skeleton under the ruins 4 times and he’s dropped nothing but Junk Loot. And the 4 sekelton bosses i’ve killed twice over. So that’s 8 total kills from those bosses And i’ve only gotten some fragments and Legendary Kits for repairing with. Which so far the Drop rate is 0.00% right now as i’ve not got a legendary from any of the kills.

Like i’ve not been able to get a Legendary Drop from any of the world bosses. Seriously, if i’m going to spend my time riding over to a boss or location i expect a good chance of a weapon drop.

Somebody Told me they killed that Executioner 14 times! and have not had a single drop.

Seriously fix your loot rolls on this damn Island, It’s waaaaay too grindy and not really fun. Nobody is going to want to explore locations and these boss locations and go out of their way to explore if the reward is a 00.1% of getting anything good out of it.

funny killed then 2 times , and got a shield , a torch and unique obsidian sword, from those bosses in the area

Sounds like that may just be the luck of RNG. I’ve ran them and not gotten drops except frags and some junk which happens but also gotten legendaries. Keys are so easy to get and legendary chests are around the tower that you shouldn’t really be struggling to get legendaries.

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