No Skeleton Keys On Siptah?

Basic Info:
Platform: Xbox Series S
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Isle of Siptah

Bug Description:

We’ve killed about 8 3-star bosses on Siptah but not a single skeleton key has dropped.

In about 3 weeks of game play, 3 players, not a single skeleton key. Is this normal or a bug? Because we’re having to walk past a lot of locked chests in the vaults that we cannot even begin to open.

It seems very strange if it was to reduce access to legendary weapons when it is now trivially easy to farm legendaries by knocking out sorcerers and trading them in for coins to the Khitai camps that are often right next to where the sorcerers spawn.

Bug Reproduction:
Kill 3-star bosses on Siptah?

I play on PlayStation and no, I don’t believe it’s there. Could be wrong though as I’ve been mostly just refreshing my siptah bases lately and been playing on EL since chapter 3 release.

They do drop, but mostly from living bosses: Giant Scorpions, Locust Queens etc.

Most of the undead bosses only drop shards of power.


Like @Azazane said, not all the 3 skull bosses are world bosses that drop skeleton keys. So can you be more specific to what kind of bosses you killed?
Plus, you probably already know but i will take my chances here, (since you don’t give clear info) , do you use your pick to harvest the corpse of each world boss? Skeleton keys are not drops, you harvest them.
Can you be more specific fellow exile?


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