Skeleton Keys on Isle of Siptah - Have they been removed?

I have been playing Isle of Siptah for 2 weeks now and I have not found a single skeleton key. To my understanding they are supposed to be dropping from 3 skull bosses, but I have not found a single one and have killed over 70 bosses.

I have mostly been farming the 5 undead bosses in the NE of Siptah (Blacksail Harbour). I have also killed numerous Vault bosses, and the bosses in New Luxur. I also killed a scorpion 3-skull boss).

I have tried every single tool there is to chop up corpses.

All this, and still no skeleton keys. I play on Official Server #6443.

Is there an issue with this, or are there only certain bosses that now have the keys?

I’ve noticed not every boss drops a key. But! The ones I have noticed that do drop a key are like the giant crocs and giant crested lacerta

I got a key from a 1skull skeleton ‘boss’

Never had a key from them anymore, maybe a smaller chance? Since it was kinda bs haha

Yes, they changed it. One skull boss, The Child (Bigfoot creature) - forgot the full name of the NPC, either do not drop the key or rarely drop a key. I think the 3 skull bosses still drop keys but only killed a couple so can not confirm this is 100% true.

Ive not had this issue, yet. But this is good to know. Thank you.

I believe it was 8n patch notes theybremoved it from them, as that was not intended and fix once they went full release.

In my opinion this is better, it was way to ez

Yeah, rng basic recipes seem like the Holy Grails for certain one. I am looking at you midnight alchemist (beastial lotus reset) and both master armorer and weapons kits. the rest are ehh and just OCD collectables.

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They got changed. It was too easy to farm.

Personally (I live on the right side of the map on official)
The easiest ones I’ve got keys from are from K7 & H7 - Lizard boss and K9 One of the scorpions (bottom one) drops a key and the top one a fragment of power!
Also Spider boss at N8 drops a key

(Looking at the interactive map)
www die - verbannten de / isle_of_siptah /

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No, potion of bestial memory, potion of natural learning, and midnight potion can only be crafted if you have the Midnight Alchemist feat. Flesh of Remembrance just unlocks the Jhebbal Sag religion, but doesn’t give you the Midnight Alchemist.

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I had to wonder if they thought by doing that they could keep people in the game longer, however one thing is certain - I’ll never start a new character on Siptah like I would on EL after this loathsome RNG ordeal. I’m glad you finally found your recipe though mate.

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World bosses still provide keys when harvested. You can locate world bosses under Discovery > World bosses, by using the interactive map below;

Maybe it is a server issue then. I know of that map LordKAA, as I have been using it to go to all 3-Skull World Bosses (they are the only bosses I farm), and none drop keys when harvested on Server 6443.

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As was stated, the big-foot analogues of Siptah had their chance of keys removed, so you have to go farm Gray Ones bosses that drop them much more regularly. :-/

So I had a little time to test. I tried Scorpion King (K8), Rockslide (H9), Spider Boss (i12), and the Lizard Boss (K7). All of them dropped a key. (Pickaxe, skinning knife)
This was on 2 official servers.
However, what I have realised, is that for some reason the skeleton key might not drop until 3-5 hits in. Whereas before (pre siptah) keys would usually drop on hit 1-2.

It could be server specific… have you asked any other players if they are experiencing this issue?

Is it possible to make a video?

The Grey ones bosses drop fragments of power. Do you mean the world bosses in grey ones area? I have farmed maybe 150+ Grey ones bosses for obsidian/weapons and have never obtained a single skeleton key.

The level 60 cap for using skeleton keys has been removed (not sure if it was intentional🙂).

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