Skeleton keys don´t drop from world bosses

I Defeated World Bosses mutiple times (Shaleback L9, Scorpion Queen K9, Shaleback and Skeleton M11…) and harvested them (skinning knife, pickaxe). No skeleton key whatsoever. What´s wrong?

Try a big crocodile, spider, scorpion, Rhino (all 3 skulls).
They 100% drop.

Shaleback boss is not a world boss dropping a key, neither does the scorpion queen drop one.
You get the key to the chest in the silver mines from the giant scorpion, not the queen. She’s there so you can get those eggs.

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Ok. Understood.
But what about the bosses in New Luxur and Chamber of Sakraments?

And how do I know, wich one of the three skull guys are World Bosses that drop skeleton keys?

All the bosses that drop a skeleton key on Exiled Lands and Siptah will have a loot chest nearby. No key, there won’t be a chest either.
There should be guides online where to find these bosses and chests.

I have noticed this. If you harvest them, you will get the key. I have been using a pickaxe to do that. This is in my SP game.

I have also noticed that the Chest are there, and some of them are shared when the bosses are close together. Not sure why the chest is there before the bosses are killed. I have had some of the bosses drop the key and cannot locate the chest. In my case, this is only in the Exiled Lands.

Yeah, the skeleton key chest won’t disappear until it has been looted. It will respawn with its world boss.

While the majority of bosses that drop Skeleton Keys (at least in the Exiled Lands) have a chest close by, there are a few exceptions, like e.g. the Black Yetis and bosses that share a chest. There are also some Legendary Chests in the world that don’t have a boss close by.

Not sure about Siptah actually, but I thought there were quite a few chests on Siptah that don’t have bosses close by, at least when I was looking for them last.

Made a few guides about chest and boss locations on our channel Pixelcave if needed (channel link in profile summary).

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Correct- and for a short time that chest wont be lootable till its fully reset.

There are two as far as I know: the two spiders in the Silkenwood, they both drop a key, but only have 1 chest.
And the others are the White tiger and Thunderfoot in the Boundary spillways.

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