Spider dropped key no chest


Killed spider in silkwood, got key, no chest… i killed a croc in the pirate area. the chest was right there. So, searching all of silkwood finding nothing and killed it again still no chest. hrm.

I have seen the chest. I believe it is elevated a little on one of the rock pillars, maybe hidden by some silk.

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Pretty sure it doesn’t matter what chest you use the skeleton key on. You can kill the spider and go find another boss chest and use it to open it. Loot is RNG.


Assuming you know where the chest appears, it’s likely that somebody else just beat you to it. Unfortunately, Legendary Chest spawns are not tied to the death or spawn of any of their respective bosses. They simply respawn 30 minutes after being looted, which makes them very easy to repeatedly snipe once looted (particularly common after a server restart).

Because bosses respawn only 15 minutes or less after being killed and are so trivial to farm, many players have accumulated a huge surplus of Skeleton Keys, and are looting nearby boss chests as often as they can. The Desert in particular has many, many chests in relatively close proximity to each other; these chests are commonly camped almost around the clock on some servers.

If you are on a busy or competitive server and need to burn through some keys, you may have better luck in the Western Hinterlands, as well as the Jungle. Good luck!

Should have mentioned it’s solo player mode. I’ll keep trying. So far she’s dropped five keys no chest. I’ll try the other spawn locations too. ty for response.

The chests are always there (unless someone looted them), they don’t “drop” after killing a boss. They might be hidden though. I don’t remember where the one in the Silkwood is, but the chests are always in the same location.

I had the same problem. I killed that damned spider a dozen times, and looked all over for the chest without success. I assume I simply missed it somehow. I finally gave up and decided to try again later.

As i said, solo player mode no one else could have looted it. she never drops a chest for me just keys. I have five now.

They never drop a chest, they drop a key you need to find a chest to open.

Again, like i said, the bosses do not drop chests. The chests are hidden, you need to find them. You found the chest by the crocodile in the bay (super easy). You can use the keys there without killing the crocodile. The chest doesn’t drop when you kill it, it is there before you kill the crocodile. The keys work on all boss chests.

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