Do certain legendary beasts have set chest drops?

I’m not sure if I’m witnessing a mathematical aberration or this is a true state of the legendary chest drops but there is a big spider :spider: demon thing outside my base I farm like 4 times a day and the drops from the skel :key: + chest seem to be a static rotation of like 6-7 items. This leads me to be believe each legendary chest has a limited loot table. I have a N=40 at this point so it’s not definitive but should I be actually using the keys on other chests to increase the diversity of the items I’m getting?? I’m specifically looking for adventurer blades etc and think :thinking: I may need to travel a bit.

I don’t think so. On my official server I have been farming the crocodile, the same one over and over again and I have collected almost all weapons. Seemed pretty random to me.

Awesome thanks!! Perhaps some items have a higher frequency code so it appears limited to me. But this will save me the added of time of killing spider woman, walking key to far away chest. Thanks!!

It is, by all accounts, completely random indeed. So whatever is most convenient to kill over and over again is the way to go if you’re after something special.

Only bosses with exclusive loot tables for legendary items (that I know of off hand) are Unnamed City bosses. Those are looted directly off their corpse. Some but not all loot offerings are exclusive to those bosses and can’t be found in chests.

Legendary chests should all share the same loot tables.

You will find same 6-7 weapons over and over and over and over, cause there higher on % chance.

One of my Original character on 2nd PSN, (whos is from nearly day1) has kinda become a test lacky. AKA x10 damage… as she await the last 2 journal entries to be fixed. (whos voice is now glitched…lol do to living all patches)

I got a room full of drops… and several of them shine over others in drop rates. theres a few into 30+ now, and most others I have maybe 3-4 of, some just 1 of, and according to admin/wiki…some that just wont drop. =/

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