Are legendary chests uniformly randomised?

I always read that those chests that you open with skeleton keys are basically the same all over the map; that it doesn’t matter which one you open; that it’s the same probability for any of them to drop any legendary item.
But given that I have so far collected close to 150 legendary items over the past months, and never having found certain items that are supposed to drop from those chests, I begin to wonder. For example, I have never found a Warspear of the Black Circle (among others), while I have a disproportionate overabundance of Aja’s Banes. Could this be because I’m always opening the same two chests? Would my chances of obtaining a certain item increase if I focussed on different chests?

Someone else on the server might be wondering why they have 200 warspears and not a single Aja’s bane.

RnG’s a punk that way.


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