Skeleton Keys only drop one item?

I’ve taken 3 different keys to 3 different chests in the desert and they all dropped the same item. The Lovetap.
Do certain chests drop certain epics?

I’ve personally never had an issue farming the different chests, almost always got different items. Maybe your really unlucky?

I’ve never seen that. Even opening the same chest gave me different legendary weapons.
It’s either RNG or a PS4 bug. I play on PC.

Yes i was thinking it was horrible luck. I will try again this afternoon

That’s happened to me as well. Got one item from a legendary chest and went to another location with another key … got the same weapon.
It’s totally random because the weapon I was looking for (A legendary mace called “Unintelligible”)wasn’t in the first chest I had unlocked in a previous play through.

It’s definately rng, i have opened 3 chests 3 times each and have been different weapons

If u were on official 3027 pve i’d give u the weapon

Too bad you can’t transfer it to the server I leased.

Looks like i had horrible luck the first time. Used keys on the same 3 chests and got different items every time

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