Help me I lost the axe of the lion

Question if say I lost a legendary weapon in the game Conan Exiles can I get that same weapon back from a skeleton key chest?

Probably. But I’m guessing those are RNG? If so you may end up opening a lot of chests trying to find that particular weapon.

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Yes. It’s random every time which one you get. Anecdotally, I managed to get the same weapon three times in a row (not a particularly good one though, but still). Of course I’ve opened enough chests that I have one of nearly all legendaries, and multiples of most. So some statistical outliers are to be expected in that kind of sample size.


Thank you I knew it was random I just didn’t know if I could get the same weapon twice. I took the potion of jhebbal sag not knowing what it did and made me teleport I was fairly prepared too where I was in heavy armor fighting three wolves and 2 archers and got destroyed went to see if I could get my stuff back and brought a bear with me it died I lived but didn’t get my stuff but I appreciate the help

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