I want my war axe of the lion back why do you make my inventory disappear overnight?

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This is the worst way to go about getting your stuff back. You make a demand in the title and then put nothing in the body of the post. If you were Funcom would you give a player their stuff back if they posted what you posted?


If you died while offline its either due to heat, cold, gassed, looted.


Its not pvp. There is no looting. I don’t die from gas or heat I’ve been playing since launch.

You must work for funcom or just want some brownie points from them for this post. I don’t have time to write a full story for every bug or problem that occurs in this game. I give extremely detailed information when its necessary if you bother to check my other posts.

I don’t work for them or want any accolades from them. The less details you provide the less likely Funcom is to fix it.

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We have no way to look into the issue if you don’t give us details of what happened.
Are you playing online or single player? What kind of server if it’s an official server.
Did you see anything in the system log in game?


Online/pve/official server 3534/America

Nothing in log. No tombstone death marker. Just logged on and all items were stripped from inventory that were there from previous session. I don’t expect anything back nor do I any longer care about what I lost. However, nobody wants to lose legendaries and their gear for no reason. First time that has happened to me personally, hope it doesn’t become a trend.


Are you kidding? Nothing else gets fixed why would i suddenly expect this one issue regarding lost items to be magically resolved?


The title of your post says you want the axe back…


Can you not read? I clearly said I didn’t EXPECT to get it back. Yes that is what the title says. Boring topic titles get no views or replies. Consume yourself with something more productive other than debating an axe and making irritating troll-like comments.

Just read this idiotic comment again. There is no way to GO ABOUT GETTING YOUR STUFF BACK so why do you make it sound like had my post been more specific or polite that this would have changed anything. Other players have lost much more than a legendary and you really think I expected to have a single axe returned to me? Don’t take everything you see so literally. I was simply gauging the response (if any) by funcom regarding disappearing infentory items.

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“Wanting” and “expecting” have two different meanings. I can explain both if you’re lost.

I feel somehow sad to see you guys angry with each other for no trully reason: Funcom is the one to blame due it’s lack of attention to their customers. CE is full of very irritating bugs and the way i see, if you craft an item you are responsible for it: if you create a game you should be responsible for that game and also give it the necessary support for those who pay you to play your game. Unfortunatelly it does not happens here: i feel like Funcom couldn’t care less about us since no patch comes, no fix and those are older issues. I’ve lost all my stuff so many times now that i fear whearing the most espensive ones such as those so hard earned legendary weapons: and what does that means? Means i’m losing all the fun since i got very good items and cannot use it by fear of them vanishing!!! Ridiculous!
Anyway, stop fighting each other please, and let’s foccus in what really matters: pressuring over Funcom to get this game fixed!

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Allow me to add this: for you @Tascha since is the first time i’ve seen someone from Funcom around, can i ask you when we’ll see some of those longtime related issues fixed? I mean, i’ve reported a long list of issues myself and also a very specific one that is driving me mad: partial nudity is not working in singleplayer mode; i’ve been very specific and brought alot of details about that but get no answer so far. I do play in PS4 from South America region. Would you mind to have a word about the matter?

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Same problem here on PC. Logged out for 1 hour in a safe place. To find myself dead and back in my bed. Lost everything I have a lost my thread. Was in my wheelhouse, heat level was hot but nothing more.

Logged out at 4:15pm PST
Logged back in at 5:23pm PST
In volcano base. Lost many items. SL gear, legendary weapons and shield (Love Tap, kutamaun shield, foeshatter, teliths sorrow…etc), T4 task master(Manos the Handful), all kinds of resources from farming in the volcano.

Second experience same day.
Logged out at 5:40pm PST (frustrated above loss)
Logged back in at 10:30pm PST

Logged out at my base in Savannah, Naked and with just a water skin and shellfish to eat. Came back dead on my bed with no items again. Twice in 2 days.

These aren’t just game breaking problems, they are fun killing and will breaking problems @tascha. Please read.

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Hot could be very hot or extremely hot when you logoff. Remember VIT20 stops working.

And forget any support about lost items of any kind.

It sucks you lost your stuff, don’t take my response the wrong way. We all know the temperature issue is alive and in the game. you lose your vitality perk when you log off and then you die.

This is not a solution to the bug (if its a bug, I like that temperature has effects) but a solution to the problem of losing your gear. Never logout with anything you value on your body. put stuff in a “sleepy time” chest and log off. If you login naked in the desert you can pull your bracelet, get your stuff and go play.

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