Reduce Legendary Weapon randomness

AKA Make the drops boss-specific; like scorpins drop daggers only, crocodiles spears, etc.
And add a journey step or something as means to have a checklist to know when you have them all.

I understand it’s frustrating to try and get a particular weapon but I think making weapon drops specific to a boss type would be disadvantageous on PvP and PvE-C servers.
It would become the next mechanism used to control or grief a server …Eg if someone wanted to prevent others from getting legendary spears then all they’d have to do is block people from being able to get to the type of boss that drops spears… either by blocking access or by building over the boss’s spawn point.

I also do not like the idea as it forces players to fight a particular boss type in order to get the class of weapon … not great if you don’t like to fight some creatures or the one you need is not close to you.


If you are talking about just the original legendary weapons that came from chests with Skeleton Keys, it isn’t too hard to keep track of them as there are five of each weapon type (except One-handed Maces).

Five Axes, five Bows, five Daggers, six One-handed Maces, five Two-handed Maces, five Spears, five One-handed Swords, five Two-handed Swords, and five Shields.

If you are trying to collect every legendary in the game, then you will have a bit more difficulty and will probably need to use the wiki to keep track.

And lets not forgot how broken the RNG is…

Sometimes I get the same weapon from 3 different chests within 1 hour. Random my ■■■… The same with some bosses in UC.

I have some weapons 12 times and some not even 1 time.
I have so many El’s Drinker, Jedias Greatsaber and some others…

So I would also be happy about such a feature… Or put the map in segments and you only get type A in that region and type B in that, etc.

Er… you… do know how random works, right? As in, it is random, and might randomly give you 12 of one result and 0 of another.

If randomness predictably gave you what you wanted, the gambler’s fallacy would be called the gambler’s fact.

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I know what random is, but as a software developer let me tell you one thing: RNG is really bad in software. Like really bad, as it is often tied to sth not random at all (mostly time). Its so bad, that such a thing was invented: and Cloudflare (one of the biggest CDN) still uses sth like that for REAL randomness.

How many legendaries are in the pool? How high are the chances I get 3 times the same weapon within 1 hour in different locations? And not one time, but several times.

Or that I have so many of weapon XYZ and from other 1 or 0? This sounds more like “weighted RNG” or “programmed one”.

RNG uses time as a seed, it doesn’t matter that time is predictable, as long as it is always changing.

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I’ve been meaning to write something along the lines of this as a suggestion.
A codex of sorts for the lore stones you’ve found would be fantastic this way we can read the lore in game and it would also help with a couple journey steps (find all the lore stones). Perhaps a location list as well? From an RP standing my characters would write down the places they’ve discovered allowing players and characters to see what they still have to find. As for a Ledgendary codex I could see this being a very useful thing as there are so many in game it’s hard for a collector such as myself to know when you have them all! But I have to say if they were to change the loot tables in the way suggested would make the game too simple because it would take away the grind. Boss loot tables are varied so the players have a reason to keep fighting that boss. For example i’ve taken out the red mother nearly two dozen times and still no torch which I really want and I will continue to to grind for it because it’s part of the ‘fun’.
Well at least my friends and I find it fun.

It is weighted RNG if i am correct. The blade of the adventurer is far superior to the brittle bastard in melee PVP. So it will be weighted as such to not have the same chance as the brittle bastard to create a game play loop and make it more valuable. Again, i will need to check dev kit spawn table to see if that is 100% true, but it feels that way, and with the right purpose why.

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Well I am currently at my 5th chest with duplicate (or more) legendaries…

I have the BoA 3 times and Baalpteors Razer 1 and some other still 0.

I still have 0 worldbreaker, but 3 annihilator… damn RNG!! :slight_smile:

World Breaker and Annihilator do not drop from chests. the drop off of Bosses in Warmaker dungeon. Different loot tables.

Yeah yeah… but its still RNG. Same with blackblood tools… have every tool >10 times and 1 skinning knife…

if one thing in this game IS NOT broken, it’s rng…….that’s just how numbers work (law of large numbers)

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