Can i add a low lvl gem to a higher lvl item?

Ok so I’m trying to add a lower lvl gem to a higher lvl item………can this be done??? Trying to add a malachite bead ( dex ) to a Fine Silk Hood. Do I need to have a higher skill level in gem cutting or what??? Also maybe as a suggestion is to add crafting as a category…………

Yes, you can. Just be sure you’re off any mount when you do, that seems to be the most common issue when people have gem related problems.

The bonus given by the gem scales with the level of the item. Let’s take this one as example:


So, on a lvl 40 item (Tier 5), it gives +10 Str, and the bonus increases if the item is lvl 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80.


Well this is embarrassing I was on my damn mount…………lol Thanks echosixmike!!