Gems for legendary rings

Are there any plans of introducing new gems for the legendary rings at the trader?

All the gems are already available?

I think he’s asking for epic/legendary gems which you can trade.

I mean the ones you can buy at old tarantia with shards. Maybe funcom has plans for New ones?

What else gems could there be? I mean, the ones right now make the (already overpowered) rings overpowered enough so I guess there wont be anything that can surpass them.

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I think it would be a lose-lose. Sideways progression with more diverse but equally attractive stats has proven to not really be possible in this game because some stats are simply stronger than others.

Effectively this would mean the new gem would either be stronger or weaker than the gem for the same slot currently sold by the vendor.
If weaker people will complain devs are wasting their time
If stronger people will complain they farmed RF for months and just bought a gem they now want to replace

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