Suggestion - Atlantean Shards Legendary Necklace (similar to Atlantean Relic and Catalyst)

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The point is: we got two rings, we got a weapon, so now we need a necklace to complement the set. Legendary quality, three slots for legendary gems (two of which can be possibly new, third can be Chaos gem or a gem from some new Onslaught), same variants spread as already present legendary atlantean rings.

What do you think?

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I think the best necklaces are already obtainable while solo playing, no need to add another one.

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Might as well make legendary armor sets with gem slots which you can only obtain through RF, and call it T7!


The point in such a necklace is to give the players not only a solid stat boost (existing necklaces are already good for sheer stats, on this I agree completely), but the opportunity to have whatever combination of blessings they wish to have, up to a maximum blessing number.

Well, this would require MUCH more work than just several necklaces, don’t you think?

I was being sarcastic because I really think this is a terrible idea.

For what? Why is this “needed”? Majority of arena necklaces are already better than most T6 necklaces as @Kantakwa said. We do not need more power gear that’s straight up given through easy content (which is time consuming, yes). WB, RF, Arena and now Kuth weapons are way too easy to get, and it’s too much power compared to how easy the content is.

We can have different philosophy on how the game works, that’s fine. However, personally I do not understand why people crave for even more powerful gear when they are not going to use it for anything other than looking at shiny pixels in inventory, or looking at your crit going from 23% to 24% in your Skills & Attributes page.


Paint current font of t6 gear orange ,add a useless low power gem slot like Kuthchemes and put it in RF ,problem solved .People will be happy farming 22 alts on full legendaries for another 2 years without being able to actually clear content much lower of their gear budget .Love and peace in Hyboria !Because why experience the game while you can just get the gear ?


You’ve misread the community a lot, most people can’t stand rf, the rf rings and also onslaught and the onslaught weapons. In fact, most would pinpoint these moments as moments the game took further nose dives.

Do you honestly enjoy rf and kuth 1-5 grind that much?

If we are going to continue to steepen the power curve can we please this time at least do it with some meaningful content.


@Fireblow @Oldfox

Oh, truly, why do people need gear at all? And even more, why do they need gear that can be obtained reliably, without human sacrifices to RNG gods in raids for which they must grind starting gear for months if not years? And even then, once you have the top gear - what’s next, just stop raiding and quit?

For me, the answer is that - group content is first and foresmost about playing in a group, with all that jokes, communication, talks and other funny social things, and a good gear should just make this easier. If you want a challenge, it is still there, even a best gear you can get won’t make you sleepwalk through any raid. A bunch of T6 geared people can wipe just as easily at T1 as a bunch of fresh 80’s, if they are doing wrong.

Also, you may look how it works in other MMOs, notably ESO.


About some meaningful content, I can agree, but there is a catch - it should be an icing on cake, not a barrier which stops exploring what a game can offer to a player.

And yes, I do not myself enjoy the RF and OS grind. But the key point here is reliability. That is for what all that grind is done. And it is better than wait a week to raid, then get nothing, and repeat this in a next few months.

For a point of all this, see above.

and by “barrier” I presume you mean needing to have even a modicum of skill and knowledge of both class and game mechanics to be able to progress through the content?

It seems like the only satisfactory barrier between players and the best gear in game these days is to be able to type your username and password in the log in screen.

Sorry that to me isn’t “what a game can offer a player” in my book.


Here is an example of what could be next The Ivory Tower 6man T3 Craft - Hathor Ka - MultiPOV - YouTube

Also this thread Dungeon timetrial Top 3 leaderboard - #224 by Moriala

Also Age of Conan - Onslaught wave 29-39 - YouTube

Not a fan of challenges ?Play another class ,explore the game ,do all those things you didn’t ever bother with cause you judged that since the rewards aren’t guaranteed or worth it ,they don’t worth your time .Also certain achievments not really related to player skill or gear are really fun to go after .

The RNG is hardly as bad as you describe it ,you can obtain optimal gear setups mostly with relics which are guaranteed drops and the the only rng gate is t6 weapons and hardly essences .

And yes the social aspect is always the most important ,everyone quits when their friends start quitting mainly due to the lack of fresh content rather than not being able to get the gear or being able to gear up to max easily . That being said ,using it as an argument to want more sources of reliably getting “max power gear” is not cutting it :stuck_out_tongue:


So the gambling on gems is reliable? Either you were damn lucky to get the right combination of blessings on the gem at your first attempt or you have a different definition of reliabilty than I have.

Farming 3k token in mindless content to roll a â– â– â– â– â– â–  gem is annoying and no challenge.

At t6 I spend about 1 to 3 hours (depending on the raidforce) and have a 1/6-chance to get the weapon I want. At Kuth it’s about 20 hours for a guaranteed weapon, but another 15 hours to get enough tokens for a gem. If you look for 1 specific combination of blessings, the chance is 1/28 and 1/56 if you want that as fierce/fatal version.