Royal armor outplaced?

I find odd that the royal armor is not in the armor bench now that i think of it.
I know it’s not a particulary exentric idea but could you maybe add this in the “do it sometime” list ?

That and the Atlantean Sword both needs an epic flawless version. I don’t care if they need a special thrall, a special world location or anything of the sort - but it should be possible.

Yes, it’s the same old song for the same old problem :slight_smile:

I doubt it will be done, honestly many players can’t use it at all, I myself barely missed the purchase time and it was a gift from a friend so I would’ve missed out on it anyways. It’s exclusive content and many games don’t do much further with their exclusive content that they make impossible to get for some people. I think you both are right and I think the special location idea would be the better one, or some special item that allows the crafting of exceptional and flawless.

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