Rings and Necklaces

Not sure if it have been suggested before or not , but I would like to know if we could have the ability to equip jewelry and allow for the introduction of rings and necklaces as separate equipment .


Not sure, but I think it has. I had actually considered making the same suggestion myself quite recently. Looks like you beat me to it! Anyway, I support this call in two domains. From a purely decorative and aesthetic standpoint, but also from a functional standpoint. By that I mean it would be nice if the rings and necklaces provided a SMALL buff to one of our Attributes, along the same lines as Skyrim and Diablo.

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I would hope that they would give benefits different from stats as I would like stats to have to be carefully chosen and to makes the balance of perks isn’t disrupted any further. I would like them to maybe give us defensive abilities . Maybe one that prevents a weapon or shield from breaking or small light source ?

I like the idea of adding jewelry to the game, mainly for aesthetics and RP uses. I feel that if you start adding function to them, it needs to be something small and trivial. Gear that offers function without a downside will never be taken off and just introduces ‘power creep’ for no justifiable reason.

So, to be clear, I think adding stat points or defensive properties on jewelry is not necessary or wise. A light source, on the other hand, is exactly the kind of small and trivial addition I was talking about. I like this idea. Maybe reducing hunger or thirst could be one as well.

If the jewelry did have a downside then more tremendous properties could be added like repairs 1 weapon durability per 3 seconds, but depletes jewelry durability to do it (jewelry has 600 durability for example). Once the jewelry is broken it loses this repairing property. This could prolong the life of legendary harvesting tools but the repair rate also needs to be slow enough that it wont give advantage in PvP combat.

Anyway, over all I like the idea of having jewelry in the game. :+1:


Maybe make the durability go down on the jewelry for the durability of the item as it loses it and prevents the weapon from breaking but will eventually break the jewelry piece instead.

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That would essentially extend the durability of a weapon in a PvP fight, but as long as the downside is big enough to balance the upside, that could work. In your example, maybe adding extra weight to the jewelry would be appropriate, in addition to it eventually breaking.

Agreed. Make it so the jewelry couldn’t repaired.

Or work out some kind of specialty dismemberment.

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Like the religion items do ?

I dont know about that, I feel that most perks are already fairly underpowered and inconsequential at this point. But I would like to emphasise that I said a

SMALL buff

To our attributes. +1 would be good enough for a piece of jewellery I feel. But onto this:

Like the sound of these. Just to throw a couple more ideas into the mix, how about one which slowly lowers corruption, or adds a 5% exp boost.


Great idea!

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I could agree with most of this . I am just worried that if you give to certain stats atleast on pvp servers the gap between the most used stats and the others will get wider.

Conan Exiles could use a huge number of additional equipment slots for character customization and for the bonuses that come with it. Being limited to some armor pieces is very underwhelming.

Anarchy Online had like 40 equipment slots between implants, utility items and armor.

Character development IS the king of gameplay loops. Conan Exiles would do well to implement tattoos, charms, runes, relics and additional armor and jewelry slots.

Id love to have a ring that could increase my climbing speed, or a quiver that would allow one to carry a stack of 200, rather that 100 arrows. Things like that would be fantastic.

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