Attribute rework

I feel that it may be a nice idea for the game to have a bit more attribute points to spend, for a more balanced game-play. I’ve only found one mod that actually does this and the purpose of the mod is to use in tandem with another that removes armor attribute bonuses. Literally every other one in the game goes to the extreme, the mod in question gives about 60 or so more attribute points, it allows me to get my character build while using amalgamation armors to have 2 stats at 40 and 2 at 30 with about 2 points into another.

I actually think this would be nice to add in, however it should be similar to how you can get extra feat points but with an upper limit. A boss enemy that drops an item that gives the extra attribute points or maybe several and fraction it off between their respective items. once used once it will no longer have an effect, like when drinking the same potion, no extra effect. It would allow players to be able to put more points into their favorite attribute or give their character more balance. I think this would be better than just continuously adding incrementally better armors into the game, not that that’s a bad idea, The Godbreaker while ugly is an awesomely powerful armor, and tough to get as it takes multiple runs for a single complete set, (and I run with 70% construction cost). That may also be a good idea, you need 3 or 5 different items but only 1 is dropped and it’s random, so You’d have to hit quite a few times to get this item, the most important part is the single use however as people with the time could get quite the unfair advantage.

I don’t play any PvP so I wouldn’t know if this would be a good or bad idea for it, any PvP players please tell me if this is an awful idea. I wouldn’t think a small boost in attribute points would effect balance all that bad, it would be a nice end game concept instead of just gear, adding some player specific boosts would be cool to have in the endgame.

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