Suggestion to balance armor stats to make useless armors useful


So you know how a lot of armor sets have +2 str, +2 vit, +2 enc, etc on each piece of their gear and it adds up to +10 with a full set. Some armor sets even offer 15 stats, but why would you use those from a logical viewpoint? You wouldn’t. Those 15 points will be so spread out that they are close to useless in comparison. I think this could easily be fixed so wearing armor with all the same stats or all different stats would be equally good.

For instance right now it takes 50 attribute points from 45 to 50 in a stat. With 5 stat levels from gear that is 50 points saved. However what if those 5 stat points are in a stat I have leveled 5 times? Now I save 10 attribute points instead. I for one feel like this is stupid and makes some of the best looking armors in the game less useful than they should be.

I would suggest perhaps changing it from armor flat out giving +x to a stat, it should instead give x attribute points towards that stat. I know figuring out the numbers could be messy, but I believe it’s doable. This would also make me able to wear good looking armor with an encumbrance build without feeling bad about it. As the game currently is there’s 0 encumbrance armors that I like the designs of and as such I don’t wear any and have to invest all the attribute points it takes to reach 50 encumbrance.

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It is an interesting idea for sure. I personally love the vermin hide armors, because each piece adds 7 attribute points (one to each attribute). That gives me the best potential for spending attribute points towards the places I need it the most.

Your idea could really help raise a bunch of lower level attributes to make a person much more “jack of all trades”, but less towards achieving specific 50 points attribute builds. So it has some negatives with it.

My personal favorite for armor changes would be full customization during the craft process, allowing us to choose what attribute each piece will inherit, as well as what hot/cold benefit it receives.

Since the armor stats and temps really don’t make much sense as they are, there is no reason not to just let us customize them, so we can just wear what we find visually pleasing and have it meet our play style needs. There is a mod that addresses this with some tricks, but I’d really like Funcom to just make it part of the game.


Yeah I agree 100%. I’ve been using silent legion and redeemed legion for ages because it’s my favorite looking armor. Right now I am wearing a mix of champion and redeemed legion armor with matching dyes exactly to reduce the punishment on my attributes. It sucks that you can’t dye the champion armor though.

I’d so love to have each piece of armor give +8 attribute points spent towards x stat instead, and maybe +10 or +12 for the harder to get armor pieces. It’d be better for a jack of all trades build and worse for a maxed out 1-2 stats build unless there’s some way to balance it to be equally good for both.

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