Reduce the selling price of the Slithering Chaos Rings

Hi, i just started this chaos farming thing and i dont have RF ring or chaos ring on half of my char.
As you know the community in any game is great… i cant get any ring on any of my dudes because they sell to 5 gold, every run i do i see the rings drop and getting needed by dudes who own 2 full gemmed RF ring…

Any chance you reduce their selling cost by alot so ppl will stop being so selfish?

Might work but to be honest, if people are greedy they will also need on it even if it’s just 50 silver. Happened to me for the gems too often already, people with 2 RF rings and 2 fitting gems still need on the gem they already have in each of their rings for some reason, probably just greed because I can’t really see any use for another identical gem if I already have 2 of them in 2 of the best rings in the game.

not always the reason is greed, happened to me to need on a gem that I had already, on my main, I was there for that and not to sell it but because I wanted a third identical gem, to put in RF ring prot that I recently bought and I think it’s great have one.
Ofc i never did need on common rings, having the two RF dps, but i needed a pair of prot rings for PvP (the RF as is gemmed have PvP penality).
however, having more SC rings may not be wrong because they are very customizable, through the gems.
I have always thought that one of the last great FAIL of funcom was not to allow a great customization to its RF rings.
3 slot gems, 2 are mandatory, the only customization you can make is the SC gem, a big waste.
About greedy players, yes, there are around and you cannot stop them, they could need also for 10 silvers as happen in T1 where there are players that need EVERYTHING only for resell.

But why would people need the gems for pvp if the 2 buffs drop your hitrating, damage and so on by almost 10% or even more?

I got it for PvE.
My PvP setting include two SC prot ring with blue gems, until i not find two gems +hate/-hate

Price is fine, just don’t group with douches.
Personally I do a dirtload of chaos runs, but having bad experiences, means I just don’t invite the ones that doesn’t understand the difference of need/greed or basic human decency…


the only way to fix this, is:
1 up a drop rate
2 fix price to 50s or less
3 make sc (gems/rings) “can have only one” per char. per day

and maybe add sc gems to rf purple box, with drop rate +/- half of dragon tear drop rate

those debuffs only apply if u got two of the same blessings or more. as long as u have different ones in each ring u wont get the buffs or debuffs

What incentive does a person whom has all the gear to do slithering chaos if not for gold.
Some might argue that fun is enough to a dungeon, and its a cool dungeon.
However after having all gear possible, its still more fun to have a chance to win something, then nothing.
If u reduce the gold price for those rings, it will probably be harder to fill a slithering chaos group also, as many people already have the gems and rings needed.

“can have only one” per char. absolutly is not a solution, you need at least 2 gems for have procs, everyone will look 2 if not more gems (in my case, i have 3 gems, 2 dps rings + 1 prot ring).

ABSOLUTLY NOT that in RF. RF give already enough not deserved reward and killed 95% of game content.
SC is one of the last content that is still visited (among other things is also a very nice dungeon, dynamic and fast, where you need more skill than gear), I would avoid killing this content, who wants the gems, can learn to do it!

note that you can also get a ring (the choice depends on your archetype) with the quests !

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I mean that you can`t roll on gem more then 1 time per day if you got one. so you get something like 20h cd buff on that char.

Maybe think about people just want to test different combinations and have different ringsets? also there are str + prot + widom for dts for example, which can use different buffs even if you have like 2 str RF rings, there could still be use of a sc ring with str and different gem stats on it. (crit instead of armor and so on). On different toons you can have different gem sets depending on your T6 nec/weapon.

Never heard of someone doing chaos just for the maybe 5 gold ringdrops.

Is there any plan to add shards to a real raids and/or instances? Please?