Community Thoughts



A few thoughts. I see so much complaining and makes me wonder. Some pvpers think it’s wrong to pve and vis a versa. It’s fine to play as you wish but why tell others how to play their game? It’s like telling your date what to order at dinner. Suggestions are fine but to be so convinced your way is the only way is at least, odd. If I farm resources to sell and nothing else and I enjoy it, so what? Same with PvP and so on. I enjoy many facets of the game and live and let live. No point to this, just some food for thought. Enjoy your game and let everyone else enjoy their experience :smiley:


Those who do not enjoy raidfinder were forced into it. Both PvP players and PvE players because without those rings you can’t compete.

RF is a dumbed down version of the actual game. Obviously theres gonna be complaints about it!

Just in the games artistic pov it is sinking very low. There is nothing pretty about itemshopping or the players doing whitehits only or blue heals only still aquireing endgame stuff.

Im all for options to those who want to play the game not as intended, but right now its off the hook crazy with forcing everyone into that THING. Keep the whine going imo.

edit: also the real evil here is that people have to spend their ingame time on it, killing off activity in other parts of the game.
Saga before RF was enabled was proof of just this. Dungeons non stop!