Raid Finder compensation

Is there chance funcom will compensate us Atlantean Shards like you did in PvE saga? cause it will be tediously farm from 0,any thoughts?

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Since its a PvP server they should rather compensate mini game tokens or something

All chars will be gimped as h… commin to fury😊 thoose rf rings will rule all sagachars.

Ofc they should give this on saga. Best thing ingame for pvp? U guessed it, its the rf rings😂

Im sorry McNavy, but I dont understand what you want to be compensated for.

You want Raid Finder compensation for a new character you made on a temporary PVP server. Fully aware (it was very clear from the server announcment) that Raid Finder would not be added there?

Well, its a pvp server… and the best items for pvp is the rf rings.

He want the same compensation as the last saga Ofc…

They should give theese ring as final reward imo.

Im just gonna do this server. Im not goin to fury with this char and get farmed😂

I have similar feelings. with saga it takes exceptionally long to reach a level 80 and you would get similar gear on regular servers like pvp 1 in 2-3 evenings. This is ok as long as it is a separate community where no one has the rings but going to real servers it feels just off beeing not competitive anymore, so saga is a one way trash can toon? The Arena necklace is not a real reward since the pve Vers6ion is easy to obtain and equally good. Saga should introduce specific pvp items that would be good and competitive after saga as well.
FC did copy the idea of season/saga from D3. But they forgot that D3 gives specific items per season that are first obtainable in the season. So season ppl are ahead not behind!!!
Saga would have been the perfect time to Pimp the pvp ring stats to RF equivalents or introduce pvp rings with Sockets.


Yes i agree… this saga would be perfect for pvp rf rings. i told the devs this too… but…

Atleast they should give the same as last saga… or theese pvp sagatunes will be gimped @ Fury. And thats kinda lame giving its a PVP tune🙈 and will be farmed by ppl doin pve

Part of the sagaquests could be around objectives rewarding shards atleast… but it seems this saga is only a restart of fury. Cheap as h…

But dont get me wrong! The lowbie pvp has been so much fun.

Regarding the necklase… if its the same as on other servers ppl easily farm theese in 2-3 nights. NO real reward there.

come on man, PvP server and I cant get best PvP gear there :D,I dont understand what are you talking about

RF rings should never have been the best pvp rings in the first place, that’s the real issue. I imagine that if they tuned them down now people would cry oceans and so nothing’s gonna happen.

They have done the pvp balance and community great harm.

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you are forgetting something : for most of this temp server life (or at least for a few more weeks), players would not be able to join raidfinder anyway ! so why do you want rewards from content you are not able to do because of the level cap ??

Why wont i join rf? I do my 12 RF on Mondays on other server. On old servers toons have at least 2 rings.

Lol we r not forgetting anything. We r not discussing opening rf on saga. We r talking about last saga, the pve one. U got loads of shards in the rewards.
In this so called pvp saga there seem to be no rewards at all. Theese rings are by far the best items for pvp. So we should get the rings or similar ones doing pvp. And seeing this is the pvp saga it should be in the rewards. Otherwise ur char will be totally gimped when arriving fury.

Basicly we got better pvp rewards on the pve saga!! And thats a fact

Im not the one in trouble tho, i have same char full everything rdy. The ones in trouble are the ppl comming back cuz of saga. The Pvp’rs who came back during saga. We would like them to stay on fury.

The real issue is pvestuff best for pvp as usual. The devs should do something about that. And imo the time for doing so is this saga. Introduce shards as pvp rewards. Minigames/sieges/worldobjectives etc. And It should be hard to get ofc. But obtainable.

Im not saying we should get stacked rings with gems handed out for free. But there should be something in the rewards towards the rings. May i suggest maybe one single ring as final reward? And a way to obtain shards doing pvp.

Next i would like to see pvp T4! Similar to pve T6… But thats a different story

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How are the RF rings the best for pvp when they give MINUS pvp stats?

combat rating is a lousy stat, hit + crit matters. And stay alive without any penalty.

Actually even thoose rings are better cuz of the gems u r able to stack them with.

But my choice would be the 2 rings without minus pvp. Stacked with gems thoose rings makes ur clothie a medium! And the gems even give u loads of deeps too. Thrust me, its by FAR the best rings for pvp ingame. Even the best items. A demo, necro, hox or sin with thoose 2 rings and full pve T6… omg🤣 you can have ur pvp lvl 6 rings… ill just oneshot u while rofl.

Pve eats pvp stuff and it shouldnt be like that…

And im not even gonna talk about the best gems ingame for pvp is obtained by doing slithering chaos… 800 armor and loads of prot… u kidding me? A Bs can tank a full minigameteam with this sh…

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Only the DPS rings have a penalty, and it’s far too small. Even the penalties on the gems are generally too small to matter. But 99% of pvpers use the tank rings that have no penalty at all. And because they have so much crit/hit and you can put various gems in them they also give a huge amount of damage.

As a matter of interest, is there actually enough people on Fury to do a RF? :wink:

there was and there will be… ppl will transfer back to fury stacked with goodies ofc and farm theese sagachars;)

honestally RF rings are good and OP, but in most cases peope don’t use defensive rings in all x4 accessory slots.


instead of using defensive RF rings, you can use defensive neck and cloak instead and PvP 6 dps rings for a totally viable setup instead

I don’t think people play this saga for having a new toon at 80 anyways.