Need Rune store guys

exile, and other event rune is OP.
so for newplayers or oldplayers need Runestore.
Funcom win Players win. winwin game!!!

Add the t5 tunes as well, or make them unusable in pvp, either way I’m fine.

want t5 rune? go raid
want exile rune? error:404

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:slight_smile: I dont like to waste time on pve on crom. I want to pvp on fury

pve gear shouldnot be better then pvp in pvp, its stupid

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there is a difference.
“dont like" and "cant” which is the case with t5 and exile runes…

and ye its not like fury is soo busy with pvp,you dont have time to do pve lol

There is enough to do to fill my time on fury

just stop complaining because you don’t get the items from the content you don’t want to do . . .


need not raid runes. i mean event runes.

I’ll stop the day that that pve gear cant be used for pvp :slight_smile:

you told us you dont want to waste time for pve but i still see you using rf rings and doing OS so the thing here is you CANT do it,right? thats why you Q_Q


Not sure why you want make this personal always instead of discussing the topic. Anyways:

The fact that I do rf doesnt mean I WANT to waste my time on this. I actually have a few toons transferred to CROM in a PvE guild that I did a few raids with, even though I rather spend my time doing pvp.

Onslaught on the other hand; somehow I kind of enjoy to do now and then. Slaughtering masses of incoming mobs is somehow relaxing. It’s also not super time consuming and the weapons are not practical in pvp.

yes but then dont hide it over "i dont want to waste time and blabla" because guy wasting time for pve , even wasting money on character xfer

just facts lol

You seem to confuse the words “doing” with “wanting”.

The fact that someone does something, doesnt mean he wants to do it.
I guess most people prefer not to go to work, however many do so, because otherwise the food and housing you get are not satisfactory.

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It seems further discussion is pointless indeed, since you don’t read posts.

Some of those weapons are practical for pvp, especially for casters as they give almost no F’s about hit rating, especially the shield with 2,3k armor

Yes, that may be true. I havent tried this yet.

well, you didnt specify guild and raids lol raiding != raiding t5 and clearing it.... Im pretty sure if you`ve spent so many time doing RF, you can spend 6 hours over 3 weeks to get the rune lol