New buyable items!

Hello. Dear devs why wouldnt you add Saga pvp cloak and Saga pvp ring to age of conan shop? many people get them free as revards for Sagas, but new players cant get em at all.
Also you can add Exile rune too, many people will buy it.

What are u think?

Exile rune would be awesome and it has to be added in game shop or remove the crit buff of it in pvp

Saga pvp cape and Saga pvp neck are already in game. Cape have identical stat of T2 PvP cape. Neck have identical stat of Arena pvp neck. Only difference is little bonus in prowess gain.
Exile Rune is unique. I consider it overrated, I prefer pvp arena runes, but yes, is unique and would be nice can have It again (as tons of other old stuffs lost)

This is makes it worth buying for new chars and alts. All people who play PvP in AoC are old timers who had r10 and full aa, new ones cant compete with them!

it’s true but that bonus is small. If you need it and turn to the shop, there are much more effective specific potions that give you +100% AA & Exp. 100% is the cap and therefore you cannot accumulate potion + cape. Then when you can have the Cape PvP T3 the T2 will be obsolete.
A good idea, perhaps, would be to put this cape in the PVP T2 bundle set to replace the normal T2 cape.

actually you can accumulate as much as you can
i remember few times having like 400%~ bonus to pvp exp and on top of that premium membership bonus
aa works same but there is less bonus possible, maybe if you have shop rings
normal pve exp does not have a cap also, but it has hardcoded cap per level you are so if you have much bonus and fight lower but swarming mob enemies it can pay off with fast leveling, and if you have loads bonus and fight higher enemies it wont help since there is cap and it will be harder to go through them as fast as for lower ones - and vice versa