Can i Build a 2x2 house or will i get banned for this building?

As topic says. Funcom killed their Magic of the Game. BUILDING like your PHANTASY offered it. An aspect no game made so well like Conan Exiles. And now? They destroyed it cause of the rule that no big buildings are allowed. They punish Customer to fear their own made game they coded with heartblood the last years. I loved your game since Day 1 EA and did spend more than 6k hours.
Sadly idk if i can continue. As one of your most faithful fan i beg you Funcom to remove the rule that people are not allowed to build an empire like their Mind offers. Cause THIS WAS one thing that did Highlight Conan Exiles from other Games.

Thank you for reading.

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You can still build your dream-city or whatever… Just not on official servers. There are three services offered that can allow it and only one that disallows it.

We have lots of beautifully built creations on our official pve server and nobody has been reported. We’ve also had a couple foundation spammers and we’ve worked it out with them over the years. It’s the ones who go crazy building land bridges to make travel easy for them but an eyesore for us who get reports if they do not acknowledge our request for them to take them down.

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I was recently on this Official server LOL:

These were taken just a few days ago. And these things are all over on this server.

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This right here, if seen on my server, would be enough for me to attempt to communicate with the owner. Ideally, I would ask that they take it down and explain it might violate the tos regarding excessive land claim. If they get an attitude and refuse, i might issue a report with screenshots showing we asked nicely and explained. In the two years in my server, only 2 buildings were admin destroyed, but the admin left their main bases and only removed the offending scructures and issued no ban. If you mention in your zendesk report that you only want the offending build removed they might just do that.

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I never say anything… almost never. It doesn’t bother me. Ofc between the two, I would rather see it gone than remain. But whatever…


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