Funcom apparently doesnt play CONAN

If you claim your base, you will banned? Claim is part of the game, so enemies don’t build near the base.

Post 1835, Funcom don’t play Conan. Omg.


No ‘land claiming’ is against the rules and has been for at least a year and a half. Placing building pieces for the sole purpose of preventing others from building is exactly what the rules forbid. Did you consider that this may be intended to stop people from hiding inside their impenetrable bases, so that they get out and fight each other in PVP? Maybe the whole point is so that smaller clans can actually have ways to raid the big alphas, rather than the server just being choked off by a single dominant clan that never does anything because their base is beyond the possibility of attacking?

But, beyond that - why start another pointless thread on the same thing? There’s already a long thread on this topic, and nothing you have said here adds anything new.


We totally get this is a hot topic, but please keep discussion and feedback about this to the “main” thread going right now: [HERE]