Why close the thread about false claims of spamming?

Why did you close angels thread of false claims of spamming?

She already was dealing with zandesk and was getting nowhere aswell as no answers, so asking zandesk to deal with it is pointless, and is now way to late, so we will bring it here, for all to see just how broken the system really is


We played on the same server like draconis clan and just have to confirm, they were a clan which choose the light side of force! Im back on xbox (masterrace!) but still can remember their beautiful stormglass castles.
Funcom you probably banned the false one. But im not shocked. No i know i will end up the same way some day! But its ok, game is 5 years old and doesnt deserve the love of its players.
If the reporting clan has the name “Red Heat” i wouldnt be surprised!
Honestly WHAT A TERRIBLE END for us conan veterans who basically do nothin but beeing “patient”. You wait years for improvements and help hundreds of players mastering the game and in the end funcom thanks you with a ban. my actual server is the absolut last. if we’re getting banned and lose everything im done with conan and an eventual part2!

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omg what a scandal by this moderator. why close a thread where a big clan just wants to say good bye and saying why? funcom what is ■■■■■■ going on here?!

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@Melcom Dude! We are at a point in this game where, if you say “Contact us via zendesk” it feels like you spit in your customers faces!!! Its on its way to take "We apologize, thanks for your patience"s first place

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Thanks @Cannabale , appreciate the support, and I’m expecting this to be shut down aswell, as is the power of funcom

If so i just wanna thank you! Really enoyed the server we played on. On my new xbox server you cant summon surges outside pvp bc of all the thiefs. on ps5 we summoned all day (at least at beginning)

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Lol that’s interesting, and needed

I think I was shortly after wipe at one of your outposts. At dragons eye. I miss that elevator there.

I saw that the decay timer of some elements was only 4h from the max. So I think you refresh it shortly before the wipe.

Would be nice to know for what it was?
Maybe the bridge below of the dragons eye obelisk or the building at the noob River with its bridges.

I am sorry for your lost. My clan has some big builds too. After the last post about land claim examples I already remove one bridge and public card room

It’s a little bit strange but since you are banned I have the feeling that the server becomes more laggy. Last days when I come back to my base it needs minutes to load in. That wasn’t like this one week ago. So if the wipe should make the server performance better… Then it doesn’t work.

Its a little bit shocking that one of the clans who survive the never ending loading screen Story was kicked by admins at least



Thanks buddy, yes that elevator was for use for everyone, the ticket room and the waiting room lol, we tried to help everyone see, even our enemies :grin:

Hi there i’m sry to hear that you and others from Draconis clan will not play anymore your buildings was something to look at and admire on my server where i was playing (Siptah server) and it is just funny if they wanted to stop land claiming they could just add how much foundations you can use and not to kick/ban players ho dont come here to look what is new and your clan as i know was not blocking anything so there was no reason for ban that is just sad.Ps i also got banned for the same reason and now cant play any of the pve,pve-c,pvp EU servers gg admins for doing the right stuff for the players and banning them for no reason gg.

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Luckily we have a member on 8023 that isn’t banned and is able to keep it going, but on our original server, exile lands is where the problem has occurred, but as the rest of draconis are banned, we feel that’s enough, thanks again for support everyone, only reason we have a player that didn’t get banned is because the player’s character was lost in server transfer, another issue, but it’s a shame it has happened to you also

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Just sad! I wonder if funcom cares 1% while reading this. Veterans, experienced players are what keeps this game alive giving newbies help. I dont wanna know how many quit after one week of work is gone bc they dont know what decay is…

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Yes it is very sad, and I doubt they do care, and I will not be getting dune, after the experience of here

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Absolut no more games from this studio! “If” Conan 2 comes out someday, i might buy it but not earlier than 2 years after release!

Now a real veteran is interfering here.

Apparently you have no idea and just complain.

Outpost = Not allowed!

More than one base = Not allowed!

Before you swing big speeches here and portray FC as evil, you should first inform yourself.

A few weeks ago, the first set of rules for the official servers was released.
It is your own responsibility to get information here in the forum about what will be changed and what will not.
And FC even drew attention to it. (message of the day) when you log in.

So all you can say here is it’s your fault and not FC’s fault.

Learn from your mistakes instead of just making excuses for your negligence.

Ps: The game is 4 years old and not 5. And MASTERRACE is PC!

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Ps4 runs fine for us but agreed PC folks have it made would hate to be on Xbox.

Actually Umboris the guy in charge of server evaluation and administration, said that outposts and multiple bases are not a problem and won’t be a reason for banning (which was a surprise to me). His focus in that regard was the “purpose and function” of the structures. So if for example you built a base for mining near the silver mine, a base for thrall hunting and processing near some NPC-rich village, and also maintained home base - AND - all that was otherwise in compliance, you would be fine - no problem.

Oh well, at least you got the MASTERACE association right - it’s related to a PC specific meme.


In the thread it said that Outpost are not allowed.
That more than one base is not allowed.
Please also post the section here or the link where Umbrols changed that.
Because as far as I’m concerned, they aren’t.

Btw: the name is Umborls with an L. :wink:

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You can find it yourself. I’m not a thread-slave or forum-maid. :wink: It’s fine with me if you continue to think they aren’t allowed. It just means I’ll have towers and multiple bases and you wont. :smiley:

Thanks for the spell correct tho… I thought it was Umboris… like: Ummm, Boris???

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Thanks for the nice conversation. (◠‿◕)

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