Can I disable DLC which I've purchased?

I picked up some DLC to support the developers.

First impressions were that I don’t want to see all those colorful new items in my crafting stations.
I don’t like scrolling past multiple rows of game content to get to items which are familiar to me.

Regardless of the item strength or properties, I should have to activate the feats that cost 0 points to introduce them into my user interface, just like we need to activate Apprentice Butcher.

Is there a way to mark the INI files so the DLC is blocked until we want to make use of it?
Unlike Mod selection, it does not seem to be manageable through the game user interface.


Yeah, would be nice to have more inventory management options and to save them as default.
i mean, you can just type what you want to search but i would love to not have to type everytime i open the inventory or any station

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If I recall correctly, they did say in a comparatively recent devstream that they’d like to improve searching in the crafting system. In the meantime, I dunno if there’s a mod that does it, but would be handy.

Can you deactivate them through Steam (before starting the game) ?

I’m not at home so cannot check, but I remember being able to check/uncheck DLC in other games through there.


I don’t know if this is possible to achieve without mods.

I get your frustration, the server I play on runs AOC mod and allows for player level 300 which means you end up with the most absurd amount of recipes in your crafting menu, both from vanilla and the AOC mod. I just got used to using the search function rather than scrolling through the recipes :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the replies and the sympathy.

I would be interested in mod development if I could affect these changes to the base game. Based on some searching there is a data table known as the “/Game/Items/Feats/FeatTable” that describes feats available to the players. The DLC feats are probably managed from the same area since they are shown to all players before purchase.

Adjusted the original post to reflect the correct name for “Apprentice Butcher”. This is a 0 cost feat which the player must select “Unlock” to enable. I’d just like to mark each of the DLC feats (as currently defined) with the same flag, indicating that the player must manually enable them within the game.

Mikey, I checked and confirmed that there is also a mechanism under Steam to disable the installation of the DLC by disabling a checkbox. This was found under the wheel icon in the upper right corner of the Library then selecting Properties followed by the DLC tab. Thank you for that tip.

So, how difficult is it to get the DevKit established? Are there any mods that adjust base data tables like this?

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So does deselecting the DLCs there disable them in game or not? I wouldn’t get too hung up on whether they call it ‘installing’ or ‘disabling’, it ought to do the same thing.

I can confirm that unselecting each DLC checkbox will remove the elements from the game, just as if I was playing the standard game. The new crafting items are not in items lists, nor are the feats enabled.

Additionally I noticed a new Manage DLC widget in the updated Steam Library. It is accessed down the page on the right hand side. Clicking upon that feature brings up a window similar to this:


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