Can I get a list of female T4 thralls

They have to be very pale. Because of backstory and Roleplaying elements. I started over as a female Nordheimer. Nordheimer are pale. Faye Dragonskull is a survivor looking for her lost female warriors. Her home was burnt down. Read her backstory for more details about her. I’m building huts and etc to make a Town near alligator lake. These women are warriors.

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I didnt find a list…
But if you click here:

Then on the thrall type (armorer), then you will come to this site:

Where you can expand the named/T4 ones and then sort by gender.

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I have some of the T4 and T4 purge thralls listed on my Thrall Stats Spreadsheet.

I think I’ve only added Fighters, Archers, and Dancers (maybe Priests too, can’t remember), but as time goes by I will probably add in the crafters as well.

If you look through the wiki at

You can see preview images of most of the followers. What you are asking for is actually quite uncommon considering most of the factions and races tend to be tanned or darker complexions.

Your best bet would be to comb through the mound of the dead and the nordhiemers looking for berserkers or t3 fighters since those are the only factions that regularly spawn like that and those are randomly generated.

With the recent changes at least you can rename your followers and berserkers are some of the best fighters in the game.

Good luck and happy hunting!

The gamepedia I was hoping to avoid.

What race are berserkers?


You can find the cimmerian berserkers in most of the camps in the mounds of the dead. They can also be wandering in the area although they are definitely not guaranteed to spawn.

The nordhiemers berserkers are much less common in my experience but they nordhiemers have a few guaranteed t4 thrall spawns like Freya (G9) and Dina (G10) - those two are archers though.

You don’t, according to the wiki:

But I mean, take that how you will, there’s plenty of information on the wiki that isn’t up to date or accurate or factual or based in reality or whatever.

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I’ve never seen a nordhiemer berserker in a town/camp. I was told they are a purge thrall by other players but I have a castle by new asgarth and none of my purges have had these.

I did get an insane purge full of cimmerian berserkers once. I’ve been attacked by nordhiemer armies also.

I see that there is no info for them, maybe they went the way of the captains.

Cimmerian berserkers spawn around B or C 11 on the map. Problem with that location is they tend to get killed by the wights. They have a 25% chance to be female and have random features so it may take you a while to get the one you want.

Cosmetically you probably want to farm nordhiemers because they look like what you want.

Cimmerian berserkers deal some of the highest damage and have good health so you can also use them as guards.

Early access things…

IMHO the problem is firespark latest videos, where he had spawned in a nordheimer Berserker…

And now people are looking for them again.

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Thanks for clearing that up. That was my mistake.

Valeria (T4):

What type of sever are you playing on Byran?

Still find it strange, that in the other thread someone said he found him…

But then again also many people on Reddit said it and big surprise, it was either normal T4 from NA or the cim berserkers…

Yeah, others have been saying that. I logged in and verified the cimmerian berserkers earlier with a screen from my game.

OP wants pale female followers and the only place I can find that is the nordhiemers. Even the cimmerians are kind of tan. Doesn’t have to be from new asgarth, nordhiemers from other factions have the same look.

Any others you can think of?

Mhm… yeah, north/icy people should be more pale… strange that the cimmerian are not so pale.

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With the amount of sunlight in Mounds I guess they must have a hidden building with tanning beds that have T4 Tanners. Nothing? Ok.

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I play offline.

Okay, then the spawns happen when you go to the location. That makes it easier to get stuff like the cimmerian berserkers, Freya and Dina.

I went through all of the nordhiemers camps trying to verify the nordhiemer berserker (which I couldn’t find). I
do feel like nordhiemers are your best bet to quickly find something close to what you are looking for as far as looks. With thrall levels even t3s can be good especially for Singleplayer.

Since you can now rename thralls any suitable thrall could be leveled and geared to fit a RP role. I hope this helps.