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I’m playing a Nordheimer character and am trying to build a small village just with Nordheimer Thralls and a few animals…what’s confusing me right now is : While farming Thralls in New-Asgarth, i encountered some T4 Thralls that - according to the Wiki - are not Nordheimers even though they are part of a faction that literally should only consist of them with their name and their description. For example “Beri” the Blacksmith. According to the wiki she is Hyborian…is the wiki wrong? Am i missing something lore-wise ?

Hope someone can clear that up for me :slight_smile:

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Faction and race are different things. Faction determines stats and race determines what flawless/exceptional items they can craft. Not all relic hunters are stygian in a similar vein. Basically think of it as immigration…

The ones I’ve seen are probably mis-flagged. For the longest time, the Asagath named armorer wouldn’t make flawless Nordheimer armors because he was flagged as Hyborian.

I think this was just a hurried thrall implementation that was never corrected.

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Well…probably not though. I can believe ( maybe ) that they are there because they ended up as slaves in the Nordheimer Faction camp but not as immigrants. If you listen to the Nordheimers during fights they literally yell “DEATH TO ALL OUTLANDERS!!!” …so yeah. Unlikely. Lanessar is probably right. This IS immersion breaking though. Hope they fix this.

different types of people with different ethnicity and race have lived together for a long time. I think if you go out in public you’ll see it and would that be “immersion” breaking? People take allegiance outside of race all the time.

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plus hyborian means basically he is of mixed breeding, so he still may have pure vanir or aesir parent
given on how warlike/adventurous nordheimers are that’s not surprising

Yeah. Today. Conan plays timewise approx. 20.000 before christ. People tended to be a little more xenophobic than today around that time. Might be true for a few people to take allegiance outside of race, but it’s not just one or two T4 NPC that are not Nordheimer in a faction that says: “The Heirs of the North are a tribe of Nordheimers. They control the central and Eastern Highlands. The Vanir and Aesir have golden or red hair.” And it’s strange to think a tribe of Nordheimers whose warcry is like i already stated “DEATH TO ALL OUTLANDERS!!!” would be progressive like you are making them.

Well conan took place back in the days of atlantis (dont have a lot of recorded history from then…) so there’s a certain amount of interpretation allowed

Heirs of the North NPC that i’m referring to:

Beri - Hyborian
Janos - Kushite
Rikkart the Baker - Stygian
Rokur the Alchemist - Zamorian
Varpnir - Hyborian

The ID of all 5 of them state they are Nordheimer. So the race they were given is likely just a mistake, like Lanessar pointed out.

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I love the idea first of all. Beautiful and original, bravo i allready envy you for this. Please send photo when you finish i would love to see that. Now one question only. Since you build in the north you will have a lot of purges from nordeimers. The purge thralls will surely take place on the working stations, so can you check wiki if they are nordeimers too?
Ps fix an Asuras tavern too and put Barnes dancing among 2 north gifted beauties please :joy::joy::joy:.

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Relic Hunters are/were a group of mercenaries, so mixed ethnicity makes sense. The same applies to the Black Hand (because anyone can become a pirate) and Dogs of the Desert, who are a weird cult rather than an organization or a tribal community.

Nordheimers are, by definition, a mix of Aesir and Vanir peoples. They’re a tribe more than a faction, just like the Darfari and the Cimmerians. It wouldn’t be impossible for an outlander with sufficiently impressive skills (such as a master craftsman who knows how to make good swords) to become adopted into the clan, though, but that would be rare.

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